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It is well to have as many holds on happiness as possible · 7 December 06

Dear Harriet,

My first header this morning is an utterance by Henry Tilney to Catherine Morland when he sees her nursing a hyacinth. It’s prompted by my realization I have bitten off more than I can easily chew. I now have three papers cooking away (that I am or must soon read for), one for a coming conference and two for publication; I’ve ideas for four more. I’m committed to reading 3 books every 6 weeks or so for my 3 lists; I teach and I do have a social life outside the Net with my family (wihch includes walking, talking, going to plays and movies, rare shopping expeditions, eating together), not to omit this letter-writing on a blog and my website etext editions and pictures. I taken Austen through Tilney to tell us it’s better so, for in the other directions lies facing despair, for me to confront the meaninglessness and inalterable isolation of existence.

I meant to write about the film adaptations of Austen’s novels I’ve been watching since I last wrote one about the 1979 BBC Pride and Prejudice, screenplay Fay Weldon, but decided to discuss the blogging controversy Miss Schuster-Slatt told me about instead. I’ll have to return to Austen and the movies late tonight or (if I’ve the strength and inclincation) or the wee hours of tomorrow morning after I come home from teaching.


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