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Another story for _Ill Wind_ · 14 September 07

Memo to self: Another story: Poor Miss (Anne) Taylor (that was) and Emma Woodhouse. What was their relationship all those years? We given hardly anything really.

I would take Miss Taylor to have been 21 when she came to be governess for the 5 year old Emma and 12 year old Isabella. She has been lucky to be taken in by the good-natured Mr Weston (aged 40 to 50). As the book opens Mrs Weston is 37.

She tells Emma she must love Frank. Like Miss Bates, she recognized there was a clandestine engagement & early on.

What women’s true friendships does Austen cover—which are not biological? Catherine Morland and Eleanor Tilney, Elizabeth Bennet and Charlotte Lucas. Very few.


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  1. From Diana B:

    “Ah, you have succumbed to what fun it is to take Jane Austen’s characters further and sequellize! Indeed it is a great deal of fun. That’s why people do it. :-)

    Elinor    Sep 17, 2:02pm    #

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