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"Every 15 years or so we ought to clean the windows" · 22 April 07

Memo to self: so said Jim as he went outside with some paper towels and a spray bottle of windex. And indeed he wiped down from the outside each and every window but the one inside our screened porch. Hard to reach as window has a folding dining table set up in front of it, and a standing mattress leaning on table and against window. Mattress waiting to be thrown out on the sidewalk in early May when the garbage people will come to collect “big items.”

All things in moderation so leave the insides as they are.

Cannot say we have not cleaned our windows since we moved in, since these replaced aging, rusty, iron-casement windows here when we moved in on December 27, 1983. These installed about 1992 or 3.

Jim reading over my shoulder asks, “This is so we know 15 years from now we have to clean again?”

Probably not. I like to blog so here are 3 more memos to self:

1) Why is that the free adaptation Austen films have a recurring comic nightmare: the heroine sees herself on an exercise bike in a gym frantically biking away and dressed in a slightly bizarre outfit?

2) Remember to tell self it doesn’t matter if the paper produced on the Austen films is rejected on the grounds it’s a book or won’t do. You are probably not up to sending it out to publishers so then try Persuasions, and maybe one other journal; if it’s no, put it on the Net. Also once June 30th goes by, go slower. Spend half day on women’s memoirs and writing.

3) Wish the lists at Yahoo I’m said to own (and do moderate) had a mechanism like the blog so could see how many hits any people’s postings have and get some idea whether anyone reads them or not. Lately, the experience for me is like I am running four blogs. I admit experience has taught me that it’s the rare non-professional list which is not utterly dependent on the listowner’s presence; if the active person is not a listowner, he or she soon becomes one in effect (that’s what happened on BookerPrize at Yahoo).


P.S. What a comfort I’m finding the second Bridget Jones book (The Edge of Reason), perhaps even more than the first (once it gets going).

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  1. snorts
    Just more proof you don’t do windows.
    Laura    Apr 22, 7:32pm    #

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