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On this page you will find the images Ellen has put on her blog from January 2008 to the present:

1) Pallisers 3:6: The story horizon is reconfigured: a socially upward idealist-pragmatist replaces the anguished discard, 1/6/08

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) as first glimpsed by Madame Max Goesler (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max Goesler (Barbara Murray) with the Duke of Omnium (Roland Culver) as first seen close up by Phineas Finn (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Burgo Fitzgerald (Barry Justice), the last we see of him, deserted, discarded, anguished, shattered (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) avid for political news (and pregnant) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura Standish (Anna Massey) her hand kissed by Phineas (Donal McCann), and showing in her face & eyes she's in love (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) helps Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) negotiate the rocky terrain by a lake in Switzerland (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) helps Griselda, Lady Dumbello (Rachel Herbert) negotiate the rocky terrain by a lake in a London Park (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) kisses Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) on screen for the first time (she's pregnant) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

John Grey (Bernard Brown) kisses Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) passionately in the crypt after she has accepted him (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) crosses the hedge in Matching Priory Gardens and we are in his novel (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) snubbed by the Duke of St Bungay (Roger Livesey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) watch the men gather to politick below (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) watch the men gather to politick below (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) watch Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) tip his hat to Madame Max (Barbara Murray) while she is with the Duke of Omnium (Roland Culver) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) looking forward to the future with grave hope (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

2) Women Writers at the MLA, 2007, 1/14/08

:.Luisa Vidal (untitled), 1890

3) Scots Literature, Radio Adaptations, Digital Turns, Humor & Hotels, MLA 2007, 1/17/08

Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange in Rob Roy

Margaret Oliphant (1828-97)

Orson Welles at the Mercury Theatre

Marianne von Werefkin (1860-1938) Woman With a Lantern

4) Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-po Listserv, 1/20/08

Poetry Ed. Moira Richards, Rosemary Starace, Lesley Wheeler, Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-po Listserve

5) Utter Contempt, 1/22/08

Henry Tilner (J. J. Feilds) throwing apples down from the tree (Northanger Abbey) (Granada/WBGH 2007)

Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones) and Eleanor Tilney (Catherine Walker) catch apples from below (Northanger Abbey) (Granada/WBGH 2007)

Blake Ritson (Edmund Bertram) and Fanny Price (Billie Pipe) star-gazing (Mansfield Park) (Company/WBGH 2007)

Blake Ritson (Edmund Bertram) and Fanny Price (Billie Pipe) star-gazing (Mansfield Park) (Company/WBGH 2007)

Blake Ritson (Edmund Bertram) and Fanny Price (Billie Pipe) wedding-dance (Mansfield Park) (Company/WBGH 2007)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins) and Frederick Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) kiss (Persuasion) (Clerkenwell/WBGH 2007)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins) and Frederick Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) he leads her blindfolded (Persuasion) (Clerkenwell/WBGH 2007)

6) The Pallisers, 4:7, The Beginner (I & II)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) going to party in rain (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) harassed by debt collector, Mr Clarkson (Sidney Bromley) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) subtly snubbed by Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) at Lord Brentford's party, being introduced to people by Lady Laura (Anna Massey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord Brentford's party: Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire), Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) and Lady Laura Standish (Anna Massey) gossiping (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) urging Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) to ostracize Madame Max (Barbara Murray) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) drinking at the club (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) mocking Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Bunce (Brenda Cowling) giving Phineas (Donal McCann) some late night supper in his lodgings (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas making a joke at Mr Kennedy's expense as all parade in to eat the luxurious dinner (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

The bowl Mr Bunce is eating from, with Mrs Bunce looking on (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Fitzgibbon (Stacey) pressuring Phineas (McCann) to sign the loan (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas sees Lady Laura (Massey) and Robert Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) walking around the Folly at Loughlinter (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Central players, Phineas, Mr Monk (Bryan Pringle), Lady Laura, Lady Glen, Plantagenet, in the background, Madame Max and Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) in their parts assembled on the Loughlinter Terrace (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary Flood Jones (Maire Ni Ghrainne) in Ireland (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas and Monk walking together as friends on the Loughlinter Terrace (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max gently reproaching Phineas for keeping away from her on the Loughlinter Terrace (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Massey) after she has said yes to Kennedy; she's sold herself (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Massey) now has to ask permission of her husband, Kennedy (Godfrey) to allow Phineas to stay (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Chiltern (Hallam) roughhousing Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) to get her to accept him as her husband (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) and Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) over the cradle of their son (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) near end still of episode (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mr Bunce (Haydn Jones) politicking with his friends (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

7) 2007 Persuasion: brilliant film-making which tells us something important about our world today

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins), her grief at the loss (Persuasion) (ITV 2007)

Frederick Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones), his love for her (Persuasion) (ITV 2007)

Retrieved in time (Persuasion) (ITV 2007)

Fanny Price (Billie Piper) writing (Mansfield Park) (ITV 2007)

Catherine Moreland (Felicity Jones) and Henry Tilney (J.J. Feilds) shake with joy (Northanger Abbey) (ITV 2007)

Catherine Moreland (Felicity Jones) and Isabella Thorpe (Carey Mulligant) read Anne Radcliffe (Northanger Abbey) (ITV 2007)

Catherine Moreland (Felicity Jones) and Eleanor Tilney (Catherine Walker) walk in the garden (Northanger Abbey) (ITV 2007)

8) Cranford Chronicles: Valuing One Another, 2/5/08

Lady Ludlow (Francesca Annis) (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon) (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

Matty Jenkyns (Judi Dench) and Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon) reading letters (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

Matty Jenkyns (Judi Dench) and Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon) sitting by firelight (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon) and Dr Jack Marshland (Joseph McFadden) final scenes (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

Dr Harrison (Simon Woods) and Sophy Hutton (Kimberley Nixon) as wedded pair (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

closeUp of Matty Jenkyns (Judi Dench) and Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon) amid Cranford Community (below) (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

The Cranford Community, last still (Cranford) (BBC/WBGH 2007)

9) Compelled yet again by Clary: fidelity as evaluative, 2/9/08

Fanny Price (Sylvestre le Tousel) and Henry Crawford (Robert Burbage) as lead couple (Mansfield Park) (BBC 1983)

Fanny (Sylvestre le Tousel) and William Price (Allen Hendrick) ) dance (Mansfield Park) (BBC 1983)

Fanny Price (Sylvestre le Tousel) and Edmund Bertram (Nicholas Farrell) dance (Mansfield Park) (BBC 1983)

Robert Lovelace (Sean Bean) and Jack Belford (Sean Pertwee) with bird with wrung neck (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

Clarissa (Saskia Wickham) as bride (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

James (Jonathan Phillips) and Bella (Lynsey Baxter) Harlowe (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

The false Lady Betty (Diana Quick) congratulated (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

Clarissa (Saskia Wickham) as raped (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

10: Why study women's poetry, 2/13.08

Place setting for Sophia, goddess of wisdon (Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party) (1974-79)

Place setting for Sappho (Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party) (1974-79)

Place setting for Aspasia (Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party) (1974-79)

Place setting for Virginia Woolf (Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party) (1974-79)

11) Pallisers 4:8: In the thick of life, politics & marriage: Phineas & Laura (Thematic summary) (1), Episode Summary (2)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Mr Slide ( Clifford Rose) at close of Part (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Robert Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) telling Lady Laura Standish (Anna Massey) it's not Fate that makes things happen but God (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) making an ass of himself but applauded by all including Turnbull (Edward Burnham) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Robert Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) taking novels after from Lady Laura Standish (Anna Massey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) advising Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) advising Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) looking very virginal (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray), Dolly Longestaffe (Donald Pickering) and Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) sing from Much Ado About Nothing, "Men were ever deceivers ..." (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) near end still of episode, succeeding in his defense of the government and Mr Monk (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lady Laura Standish (Anna Massey) at the Christinening, she his Mentor (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) given first change to speak by Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) and can't take it up (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) trying to get Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) to pay Fitzgibbon's debt (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mr Clarkson (Sidney Bromley) harassing Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) by eating Mrs Bunce's muffins (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mr Clarkson (Sidney Bromley) harassing Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) by refusing to leave after Mr Bunce (Haydn Jones) has brought the hip bath; Phineas has a party to get to (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) advising Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) with baby Silverbridge (the heir) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) at the Willingford Hunt -- probably stunt men (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Our first full view of Matching Priory, Episode 2:3, Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire) bringing her guest, Alice Vavasour (Caroline Mortimer) in while recounting history (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Crowd scene outside parliament (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Crowd scene, Turnbull (Edward Burnham) addresses the people (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) awakened by a frantic Mrs Bunce (Brenda Cowling) because her husband, Mr Bunce (Haydn Jones) was "tooken" in by the police (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) trying to persuade the police sergeant (Edwin Richfield) to release Mr Bunce (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen's big party for politicans: we see her (Susan Hampshire), the linchpin man, Erle (Moray Watson) and the Kennedys (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) congratulated by Mr Monk (Bryran Pringle) and Mr Palliser (Philip Latham) near end of Part (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

12) 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days, 2/22/08

Gabrita (Laura Vasiliu) (4 Months, 3 weeks, & 2 days) (Mungiu, 2008)

Ottila (Anamarina Marinca) at cosmetics table in dormitory (4 Months, 3 weeks, & 2 days) (Mungiu, 2008)

Gabrita (Laura Vasiliu), Ottilia (Anamarina Marinca) & Viarel aka Domnu' Bebe (Vlad Ivanov) (4 Months, 3 weeks, & 2 days) (Mungiu, 2008)

Ottila (Anamarina Marinca) and Gabrita (Laura Vasiliu) (4 Months, 3 weeks, & 2 days) (Mungiu, 2008)

Ottila (Anamarina Marinca) and Gabrita (Laura Vasiliu) (4 Months, 3 weeks, & 2 days) (Mungiu, 2008)

13) Books do furnish a room to dream in, 2/26/08

Helen McNicholl (1879-1916) In the Shade of the Tent (1914)

14) Diana Birchall's Mrs Darcy's Dilemma: a sequel containing much good feeling

Diana Birchall Mrs Darcy's Dilemma (Egerton 2004)

Diana Birchall Mrs Darcy's Dilemma (Sourcebooks Landmark, April 2008)

Patricia Farguoli Duties of the Spirit (Tupelo Press 2005)

Diana Birchall in Barnes and Noble, photo by her son, Paul Birchall

15) A Room of her own

Todd Healy Alexandria, VA (2008)

Photograph of Virginia Woolf's worknig table at Monks House

Keira Knightley in Atonement (2007)

16) Re-enactments, 3/8/08

L. G. Moreau (1740-1806), "Ladies and Gentlemen on the Terraces of a Park"

Chekhovian moment, Mary Crawford, Edmund Bertram, Fanny Price, Mansfield Park (BBC 1983)

Henry Crawford walking with Fanny and Susan Price on the ramparts of Portsmouth, 18th century Mansfield Park (BBC 1983)

The Price family on the same day, another part of the pier, Mansfield Park (BBC 1983)

Fanny Price and Henry Crawford close up, Mansfield Park (BBC 1983)

Fanny Price and Henry Crawford showing strained relationship, Mansfield Park (BBC 1983)

John Everett Millais (1829-96), "A Scene for a Study," from Beyond Decoration by Paul Goldman

17) Pallisers, 5:9: "Time is pressing us very hard, Mr Finn"

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) asserting serious love for Violet (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann), Mr Clarkson (Sidney Bromley) and Aspasia Fitzgibbon (Rosalind Knight) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) and Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire) Palliser (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lady Laura Kennedy (Anna Massey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Robert Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Madame Max (Barbara Murray) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Madame Max (Barbara Murray) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) on the train (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Mary Flood Jones (Maire Ni Ghrainne) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) and Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire) Palliser (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann), Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) and Dolly Longstaffe (Donald Pickering) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) and Robert (Derek Godfrey) Kennedy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) and Robert (Derek Godfrey) Kennedy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) and Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) and Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) writing a letter to Chiltern (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Quintus Slide (Clifford Rose) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) putting out his hand to Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Oswald Lord Chiltern (John Hallam), the latter hitting the table with his cane (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Oswald Lord Chiltern (John Hallam), the latter bullying Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Mr Clarkson (Sidney Bromley), the latter threatening Phineas with arrest for debt (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey): she's bruised and fallen for life (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Robert (Derek Godfrey) Kennedy: Lady Laura (Anna Massey) will not have sex with him (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) disquieted by the way Lord Brentford (Lockwood West) and Phineas (Donal McCann) discussing Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) and Phineas (Donal McCann) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) & Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire) Palliser and Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) appealing to Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet (Philip Latham) & Lady Glencora (Susan Hampshire) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) reading aloud his letter to Chiltern (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) before a picturesque take of Saulsby (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) looking upstairs to where Lady Glen has given birth for a second time, safely (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) chasing Mary Flood Jones (Maire Ni Ghainne) in Irish countryside (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) becoming friends with Madame Max (Barbara Murray) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Dolly Longestaffe (Donald Pickering) with Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) watching Fitzgibbon lead Phineas away (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

18) Caramel -- illitimable heroines, 3/17/08

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

(Caramel) (2007)

19) Books do furnish a house to dream in, 3/19/08

An imagined bookstore library

20) Jane Austen's Aunt Jane probably stole that lace, 3/21/08

Jane Leigh-Perrot

21) 1996 Meridian/A&E Emma

Harriet (Samantha Morton) rescued by Mr Knightley (Mark Strong) (Emma) (Meridian/A&E 1996)

Harriet (Samantha Morton) seen by Emma (Kate Beckinsale) in mirror (Emma) (Meridian/A&E 1996)

Mr Knightley (Mark Strong) lookly keenly at Emma (Kate Beckinsale) (Emma) (Meridian/A&E 1996)

Gentle Mr Martin (Alistair Petrie) has gotten a book which Harriet Smith (Samantha Morton) recommended (Emma) (Meridian/A&E 1996)

Emma (Doran Goodwin) nursing little Emma (Emma) (BBC 1972)

Mr Knightley (John Carson) lookly down lovingly at Emma and baby (Emma) (BBC 1972)

22) ASECS, Portland: Richardson's novels

Saskia Wickham as Clarissa, early still in film (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

Sean Bean as Lovelace wringing bird's neck as symbol of what he does to women, Sean Pertwee as Belford standing by (Clarissa) (BBC/WBGH 1991)

The ferris wheel (Atonement) (Universal, Focus, Joe Wright, 2007)

23) ASECS, Portland: Women's Writing

A created garden realm, Dessau, Wortliz

A created garden realm, Dessau, Wortliz

View of Parc D'Ermonville

Monville's Temple to Pan

The gardens at the Petit Trianon

19th century study of Roland, includes letters, made possible by her daughter

Roland's powerful autobiographical papers

Fanny Burney in a tremendous hat by her cousin, Edward Burney, 1784

Hester Piozzi by George Dance, 1793

Mary Delany in old age by John Opie (Amelia Opie's husband)

The young Elizabeth Montagu, as a shepherdess by Frances Reynolds, engraved by C. Townley

Amelia Opie's Grave in Norwich

Anna Laetitia Barbauld, still a young woman

Sylvestre Le Tousel as Mrs Allen leading her young charge, Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones), from the 2007 Northanger Abbey film

24) The Three Northanger Abbey films

Reading Radcliffe: Catherine Morland (Katherine Shlesinger) and Isabella Thorpe (Cassie Stuart), from the 1987 Northanger Abbey film

from the 1987 Northanger Abbey film

from the 1993 Ruby in Paradise: outside topless bar Ruby watches the women selling sex

Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones) going up stairs, from the 2007 Northanger Abbey film

Eleanor Tilney (Catherine Walker) going up stairs, from the 2007 Northanger Abbey film

25) ASECS, Portland: Miscellany

Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany Master and Commander film

Greuze Self Portrait when young

Forain, Dancer and Abonne at the Opera, 1925

Toulouse Lautrec, Dancer, 1895-96

Degas, a dancer at 14, 1880-81

Georgia O'Keefe, Gerald's Tree

26) a woman's "novel" to be getting on with, 4/11/08

Leah Schwartz, Dijon Market

Leah Schwartz, Orchid

Leah Schwartz, Ken and Barbie After the Fall

Leah Schwartz, Sit In Demonstrations

Leah Schwartz, Oxford

Leah Schwartz, Mill Valley Kitchen

24) Stills for Pallisers 5:10 , three blogs, 4/12/08

Quintus Slide (Clifford Rose) writing contumely against Finn (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) explaining to Mary Flood (Maire Ni Ghrainne) he must go see Mr Monk (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Mrs Bunce (Brenda Cowling) packing (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) quarrelling with Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) on the train, luxurious dining car (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) emerge (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) emerges (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) emerges (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) and Lord Chiltern (John Hallam) march back ritually (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann), Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) and Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) joking about Finn's duel with Chiltern (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) attempts to comfort Laura Kennedy (Anna Massey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Baldock (Ellen Pollock) remembering marriage, next to Violet (Mel Martin) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) listening to Lady Baldock, and she remembers too (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) indulging in nasty gossip about Madame Max with Lady Laura (Anna Massey) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas (Donal McCann) is told by Lady Laura (Anna Massey) she will try to help him win Violet Effingham (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) urges Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) to take Phineas because she Laura loves him (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anna Massey) hears Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) tell Phineas what a disgrace this is his using Laura as his gobetween because she loves Finn (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) tells Phineas what a disgrace this is his using Laura as his gobetween because she loves Finn (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Monk (Bryan Pringle) tell Phineas they have a prior durty; he tells Phineas how much the Irish Tenants need them (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) seen from afar by the Duke of Omnium and Madame Max: pregnant, with a boy heir in her hand (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) advises Phineas (Donal McCann) to marry Madame Max (so she will not have to fear the Duke marrying her) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Chiltern (John Hallam) responds to Phineas's (Donal McCann) held out hand(Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) showing her intense affection and respect for Phineas (Donal McCann) and he reciprocates; open faces (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) faces Madame Max (Barbara Murray) Lady Glen very pregnant for the third time, having fulfilled her part of the bargain the Duke made with her aunts; she suspects he is prepared to throw over her sacrifice and make Madame Max his mistress, or marry her (and replace Palliser as heir with a legitimate child of his own).Lady Glen very pregnant for the third time, having fulfilled her part of the bargain the Duke made with her aunts; she suspects he is prepared to throw over her sacrifice and make Madame Max his mistress, or marry her (and replace Palliser as heir with a legitimate child of his own). Closed faces (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Fawn (Derek Jacobi) regales Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) and Violet Effingham (Mel Martin) with the histories of his sisters (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) speaking of her deeply liberal and generous principles to Palliser (Philip Latham) and Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

25) More problems with blog; diary entry: The Austen movies

Baghdad Bookseller

Elinor Dashwood (Hattie Morahan) and (Edward Ferrars (Dan Stevens) out for their first walk (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC/WBGH 2008)

Adrian Tomine, November 2004

26) New York Journals

Poussin, Man Washing his Feet (a detail)

Poussin, Morning (Joshua Reynolds's title)

Poussin, Landscape with Phocion's Ashes

Poussin, Winter (from The Seasons

Hubert Robert, The Swing

Hubert Robert, The Discovery of Laocoon

Hubert Robert, Paysage de Cascade

Hero & heroine from Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George

Female stars in Caryl Churchill's Top Girls, Act I

27) Sense and Sensibilities alter the landscape of Austen poems

Mrs Dashwood (Diana Fairfax) hangs curtain alone in Barton Cottage (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC 1981)

Elinor Dashwood (Hattie Morahan), Marianne (Charity Wakefield) and Mrs Mary Dashwood (Janet McTeer) hang curtains together in Barton Cottage (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC/WBGH 2008)

Colonel Brandon (David Morrisey) bringing books to Marianne (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC/WBGH 2008)

Present from Brandon on the table (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC/WBGH 2008)

Colonel Brandon (Robert Swann just glimpsed) succeeds in giving Marianne (Tracey Child) his present of books to her, Mrs Dashwood (Diana Fairfax) looking on (Sense and Sensibility) (BBC 1981)

28) Pallisers 6:11: The Lizzie Eustace & Lord Fawn matter begins

First shot of Lizzie Eustace (Sarah Badel) and Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) hurrying to the Duke's party; they may be too late for the acrobats (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

First shot of Lizzie Eustace (Sarah Badel) and Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) met by Lady Glencora Palliser (Susan Hampshire) at Duke's party (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anne Massey) escaping, glimpsed by Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) peering through triangle made by our choral figures, Dolly Longestaffe (Donald Pickering) and Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

29) School for Scandal at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre

School for Scandal, The Teazles, 2008

School for Scandal, Catherine Flyte who played Mrs Candour, 2008

School for Scandal, Clinton Brandhagen who played Sir Charles Surface, 2008

30) Niagara














30) Three Pallisers blogs on Pallisers 6:11, 5/17/08

Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) flouted (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura (Anne Massey) bitter (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Violet (Mel Martin) taken by Chiltern (John Hallam) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) pulled back by Phineas (Donal McCann) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Kennedy violent to Lady Laura (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) and Phineas (Donal McCann) archly teasing one another (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

The duke (Roland Culver) plays with little Planty as Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) looks on (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura deciding to leave Kennedy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura visiting Phineas to ask for his help (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Kennedy visiting Phineas to express anger (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura in dark veil at party (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura glimpsed fleeing Kennedy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Kennedy blocked by Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) drinking tea with Lady Glen (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen confiding in Madame Max (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen and Plantagenet Pallisers (Philip Latham) worried (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) writing to Phineas (Donal McCann) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) puzzled, upset by Phineas' posing (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura playing Chinese Checkers (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

A Madonna statue next to Lady Glen as she enters Madame Max's apartment (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max told she will degrade the Duke by Lady Glen (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max rejected by Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas tracked by camera (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

The Duke begins to dodder and fail (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Laura arrives at carriage where her father, Lord Brentford (Lockwood West) awaits her (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max making her distressed way through crowd (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

The hypocritically sweet Lizzie Eustace (Sarah Badel) and unconfortable Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas offering to shake hands with Chiltern (John Hallam) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laurence Fitzgibbon (Neil Stacey) self-indulgent, corrupt, no longer gets along with Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen listening to Madame Max telling Lady Glen that Madame Max is not the only woman in the world; the Duke may look for another (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

31) 1996 Miramax Emma

Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) holding Christmas ball of world (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma painting Harriet (Toni Collette) with Mr Elton (Alan Cumming) pacing (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma and Harriet walking in the wood (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma meets Frank (Ian MacGregor) (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Jane (Polly Walker) helped by piano by Frank (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

The picnic at Box Hill (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Miss Bates (Sophie Thompson), very hurt, rescued by Mr Knightley (Jeremy Northan) (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma very penitent before Mr Knightley and her father (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma advised by Mrs Weston (Gretta Scacchi) (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma writing in her diary (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma stopping Mr Knightley from proposing (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Emma listening to Harriet telling of Harriet's acceptance of Mr Martin (Emma) (Miramax 1996)

Mrs Elton (Juliet Stevenson) telling of how shocking little satin there is at the wedding (Emma) (Miramax 1996)
32) Austen days and nights; The Unchapmaned Austen, 6/2/08

Norton edition of Persuasion

Norton edition of Pride and prejudice

Longmans edition of Emma

Signet edition of Mansfield Park

Penguin edition of Persuasion

Signet edition of Sense and Sensibility

Signet edition of Pride and Prejudice

Broadview edition of Mansfield Park

Broadview edition of Persuasion

Longmans edition of Northanger Abbey

33) Congreve's Way of the World, 6/7/08

Ann Mitchell as Mrs Marwood in a 1984 production of Congreve's The Way of the World at Greenwich Theatre

Susan Tracey as Lady Wishfort in a 2007 production of Congreve's The Way of the World at Northamptonshire Royal Theatre

34) Blogs on Pallisers 6:12: Discords; Isolated People Herding Together; Compromise and Resignation, 6/10/08

Phineas (Donal McCann) facing Madame Max (Barbara Murray) and he can't say yes (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) puzzled and hurt at Phineas's refusal (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) seen by Lizzie Eustace (Sarah Badel) through harp (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) facing Lizzie Eustace (Sarah Badel) directly (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Jane Carbuncle (Helen Lindsay) having a joke at Lord George (Terence Alexander)'s expense with Lizzie and Mr Emilius (Antony Ainley) standing by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke of Omnium (Roland Culver) has indigestion from orange curaco, Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) pats his back and Madame Max sits by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie Eustace, dressed extravagantly, waits for her guests to come down to dinner which she has paid for (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie emoting passages from Byron about how great it is to be alone (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen reading Dolly Longstaffe's letter to Duke; he tells of Phineas's exile and marriage to a pregnant Irish girl; the Duke makes sarcastic replies (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas shouting down Mr Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) that he's got his own troubles too (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Patricia Crabstick (Carolyn Jones) in Lizzie's bedroom (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen reading while waiting for her friend, Marie, to arrive; Marie glad to be with Lady Glen (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas Finn, harassed, depressed, wanders in park alone (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie aggressively pursues Frank Greystock (Martin Jarvis) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen plays unguardedly, carelessly, at backgammon with Duke of Omnium (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie declaiming Byron (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas's hand shook by Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) who while he insisted on the resignation holds "no rancour;" Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) standing by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas reads newspaper about politics, Mary (Maire NiGhrainne) reads Palliser's letter offering Phineas a place and income (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie and Duke genuinely glad of one another's company, Lady Glen stands by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

First close-up of Frank come to visit Lizzie; encounter takes place outside (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Frank reasoning with sullen Lizzie about diamonds (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas reading newspaper about English politics while Mary dreams of being a mother (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen knits and assumes Marie melancholy because she didn't marry the Duke (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen weayr and Marie sympathizes (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie refusing Frank's aid, offers her shoulders to Lord George (Terence Alexander) to put the diamonds on her (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Jane Carbuncle smiles (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

35) Critical Companion to Jane Austen, 6/17/08

Ashe House near Steventon, home of the Lefroys

Dean House, the home of the Harwoods

36) 3 Womens' Films: Sex and the City, Before the Rains, There She Found Me

Four chief actresses now: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattral, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davies (Sex and the City) (2008)

Sarah Jessica Parker and Christopher Noth (Sex and the City) (2008)

Four actresses (above) at time of TV show (Sex and the City) (2008)

Sajani (Nandita Das) after fleeing brutal husband, Moore (Linus Roache) and T.K. (Rahul Boose) looking at her (Before the Rains) (2008)

Jennifer Ehle as Laura with son and Sajani (BeforetheRains) (2008)

Helen Hunt and Bette Midler as estranged biological mother and daughter (There She Found Me) (2007)

Colin Firth and Helen Hunt: they have found one another (There She Found Me) (2007)

37) "Quite enough books to be getting on with ..."

Tony Small by John Roberts (1786)

Margaret Forster's Family, Precious Lives

Lovelace (Sean Bean) hiding Letter (BBC Clarissa, 1991)

Clarissa (Saskia Wickham) and Anna (Hermione Norris) finding letter (BBC Clarissa, 1991)

38) Anne Hunter, Poet, Songwriter, Wife,6/30/08

Nicholas Poussin, Winter Landscape

39) "Ours is a competitive business, sir" -- the latest Oxford --> -- S&S, 7/1/08

Illustration from 1833 Bentley edition of S&S

Cover for 1970 Kinsley Oxford, Hugh Thomson

Cover for 1983 Bantam edition of S&S

Covers for 1995 Signet and 1996 Everyman of S&S

Cover for 2003 Norton of S&S

Cover for Italian translations of Austen's 6 famous novels

Mrs Dashwood (Isabel Dean) displaced (S&S) (BBC 1971)

Marianne (Ciaran Madden) displaced (S&S) (BBC 1971)

Elinor (Joanna David) displaced (S&S) (BBC 1971))

Elinor (Irene Richards) tries to prevent Marianne (Tracey Childs) from going over to Willoughby (S&S) (BBC 1981))

Marianne on an exhilarating ride with Willoughby (Gregg Wise) (S&S) (BBC 1995))

Iconic scene of Marianne's illness and Captain Brandon's anxiety over her (I Have Found it 2001)

Mano (Ajith) and Sowmyra (Tabu) dancing (I Have Found it 2001)

Sowmyra, Meenu, mother, sister (I Have Found it 2001)

Fanny and John Dashwood equivalents for Ch 2 (I Have Found it 2001)

Marianne on an exhilarating ride with Willoughby (Gregg Wise) (S&S) (BBC 1995))

Precious love will be fulfilled after all, Elinor (Hattie Morahan) and Edward (Dan Steevens) (S&S) (WBGH 2008)

The iconic journey of the displaced women (S&S) (WBGH/BBC 2008)

Patricia Routledge as Mrs Jennings retelling the rejection of Edward (S&S) (BBC 1971)

Elinor (Emma Thompson) hysterical with grief at Marianne's near death encounter (S&S) (Miramax 1995 S&S)

Elinor (Emma Thompson) and Willoughby (Greg Wise) at dance (S&S) (Miramax 1995 S&S)

Marianne (Ciaran Madden) as Cassandra making explicit the outrage of the way Elinor is treated (1971 BBC S&S

Brandon (David Morrissey duelling (2008 BBC/WBGH S&S

Marianne (Charity Wakefield) writing letter (2008 BBC/WBGH S&S

40) Where we write from and read

Margaret Drabble's writing space

Colm Toibin's writing space

41) Mary Chandler, poet and Bath milliner (1687-1745)

Mrs Clay in a Bath shop, we see her hat from the back (1995 BBC Persuasion

Canaletto, painting of Northumberland street

Royal Theatre Bath, mid-18th century

Vauxhall Gardens, Joanna Sebastian Muller, 1751

42) Rosalba Carriera, 18th century Venetian pastoralist painter

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) Portrait of a Child

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) Africa

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) La Chaise

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) Self-portrait

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) Portrait of a Boy

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) Portrait of a Woman

43) Pallisers: 7:13, Last scene from marriage of Phineas and Mary, the hollow woman, and pathological symptoms, 7/11/08

Frank Greystock (Martin Jarvis) taken aback (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Frank realizes Lizzie (Sarah Badel) is useless (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Carbuncle (Helen Lindsey) playing mother to Lizzie (Sarah Badel) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Carbuncle and Mr Emilius (Anthony Ainley) on train (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord George (Terence Alexander) tells Lizzie (Sarah Badel) diamonds are there (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary's (Maire Ni Ghrainne) difficult pregnancy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) by fire, Phineas (Donal McCann) enters lodgings (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary's (Maire Ni Ghrainne) watches Phineas despairing (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas angry (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) defensive (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary (Maire Ni Ghrainne) appealing to Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary hushed by Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary and Phineas affectionate (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) and the Duke (Roland Culber) at chess (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) to Lord George (Terence Alexander) guard down (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Patience Crabstick (Carolyn Jones) looking out window (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Fawns at home: Lord Fawn (Derek Jacobi) and Clara Hittaway (Penelope Keith) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Erotic moment as Mr Emilius reads Bible to Lizzie (split screen) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen gulled by Lizzie (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Frank pulled into bed by Lizzie (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie Hiding (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen embarrassed by so many men in Lizzie's bedroom (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Plantagenet Palliser (Philip Latham) explaining to Duke how he understands what has happened in Lizzie Eustace case (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Sergeant Bunfit (James Cossens) triumphant at last (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) puzzled at Lord Fawn's visit (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen and Lord Fawn as clowns on either side of a package (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

35) Lake House, a free adaptation of Austen's Persuasion, 7/15/08

Hero and heroine meet by post box, wintry (Lake House) (2008)

Heroine tells hero Persuasion is her favorite book and explains the analogies (Lake House) (2008)

Heroine stood up; hero never shows (Lake House) (2008)

36) Ian and Clary (aka Clary aka Mrs Dalloway)

Clary and Ian upon coming home

Clary and Ian on their cat tree

Clary on Izzy's bed

Clary stalking a ball

Ian from the back

Francois Boucher, The Toilette, 1742

Helen Allingham, Coming Events, 1886

English plant called Clary

37) Stills from Pride and Prejudice movies and illustrations from books:

Elizabeth Bennet (Jennifer Ehle), 95

Elizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth Garvey), 79

1894 illustration by Thomson of Mrs Bennet and her two younger daughters

Elizabeth Bennet reads Darcy's letter, 1870 illustration by John Gilbert

Elizabeth Bennet (Greer Garson) in muddy dress 40

Elizabeth Bennet (Greer Garson) proposed to by Darcy (Laurence Olivier) 40

Elizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth Garvey) has accepted the love of Darcy (David Rintoul 79

Mary Bennet (Tessa Peake-Jones) eager for life 79

Mrs Gardner, Mrs Bennet and Bennet girls 79

Mrs Gardner (Barbara Shelley) and Elizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth Garvie) 79

Darcy (Colin Firth) seeking Lydia is decent to street-walker 95

Mr Bennet (Donald Sutherland) 06

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks sparing 98

Darcy (Colin Firth) and Bridget (Renee Zellweger) 01

Elizabeth Bennet (Kim Heskin) bent on marriage 03

Elizabeth Bennet (Kim Heskin) improving herself 03

Elizabeth Bennet (Aishwarya Rai) and Wm Darcy (Martin Henderson) 04

Elizabeth Bennet/Austen (Anne Hathaway) and Wm Darcy/Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy) 04

Jane Bennet (Samantha Harker) can hardly contain her irritation 95

Elizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth Garvie) writes Jane 79

Elizabeth Bennet/Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) 07

Elizabeth Bennet (Jennifer Ehle) and Dary (Colin Firth) and Mr and Mrs Gardner gaze out at Pemberley 04

The annotated P&P, Chawton 04

The annotated P&P, Steventon 04

The annotated P&P, Matlock 04

38) Summer Theatre and Books, 7/27/08

Champagne Sundays from the Capital Fringe Festival

7 and 1/2 Highly Effective Habits from the Capital Fringe Festival

Two heroines reach out to one another, The Edge of Heaven

The grieving mother of one of the heroines, The Edge of Heaven

Asia Argento as Vellini, Une vieille maistresse

Ryno (Fu'ad ait Aattou) and Vellini love-making, Une vieille maistresse

39) The earliest mini-series for Sense and Sensibility

Willoughby's confession (Clive Francis) 71

Willoughby (Clive Francis) insisting Elinor (Joanna David) listen 71

Willoughby's confession (Clive Francis) 71S&S

Elinor rebuking him for the way he describes Eliza Williams 71S&S

Willoughby asknowledging her justice 71S&S

Willoughby remembering 71S&S

Elinor: "What about the letter?" 71S&S

Willoughby remembering his wife dictating the letter 71S&S

Willoughby sending a message to Marianne 71S&S

Willoughby suddenly realizing once again he won't be seeing Marianne 71S&S

Elinor watching Willoughby turn and go out the door 71S&S

Marianne (Ciaran Madden) bidding farewell, repeating paratext 71S&S

Lily pads, Mozartian music, opening paratext 71S&S

Marianne: "Goodbye curtains!" 71S&S

Elinor and Marianne spying someone coming, Marianne all anxiety thinking it's Willoughby 71S&S

Lucy (Frances Cuka) telling of the engagement 71S&S

Lucy (Frances Cuka) confused, upset, angry because thwarted and irritated by Marianne's music 71S&S

Lucy (Frances Cuka) calmer 71S&S

Willoughby realizing Marianne is ignoring his social signals 71S&S

Marianne insists on saying the truth 71S&S

Marianne delirious with fever 71S&S

Edward's lodging after his mother cuts off all funds 71S&S

Edward seeing Elinor come in 71S&S

Brandon (Richard Owen) and Marianne talking about their reading 71S&S

Elinor putting a cloth on the ground so Edward will not ruin his trousers 71S&S

Edward loving her for this 71S&S

Marianne and Brandon falling in love inside 71S&S

Dashwood women leaving Norland 71S&S

Edward and Elinor: the unexpected visit, a repeating paratext 71S&S

The last still, fade out 71S&S

Edward (Bosco Hogan) told of Colonel Brandon's offer 81S&S

Brandon (Robert Swann) speaking of the majestic Milton and demi-god Shakespeare 08S&S

Dawn after Elinor's agon 95S&S

Elinor (Hattie Morahan) facing life alone 08S&S

40) Sense and Sensibility: Men at the mirror

Willoughby (Clive Francis) facing fireplace 71S&S

Edward (Bosco Hogan) facing mirror with candles to the side 81S&S

Willoughby (Dominic Cooper) turning to fireplace 08S&S

Mrs Bennet (Priscilla Morgan) and her sister, Mrs Philips (Shirley Cain) 79P&P

Elizabeth (Elizabeth Garvie) watching the rain 79P&P

Jane (Samantha Harker) and Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle) 95P&P

Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle) at mirror with candle at her side 95P&P

Darcy (Colin Firth) at window 95P&P

Mary (Jackie Wood-Smith) and Fanny (Sylvestre Le Tousel) at mirror 83PM

Fanny (Sylvester LeTousel) writing letter to William 83MP

Mrs Allen (Sylvestre Le Tousel) looking at Catherine (Felicity Jones) at mirror with candles 07NA

Courtesan Mirror scene in Indian film 08S&S

Caroline Fox (Serena Gordon) 1999 Aristocrats

42) Glimmerglass pictures

Arthur Boyd Houghton Ramsgate Sands 1861

Bianca sings "I'll always be true to you, darling in my fashion ... "

43) Vicky Christina Barcelona by Woody Allen (2008)

Elena Maria (Penelope Cruz)

Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem)

Christina (Scarlet Johannson) and Juan Antonio

Christina, Elena Maria, and Juan Antonio

44) Mansfield Park Madness

Falling in love in 2007 MP: Edmund (Blake Ritson)

Falling in love in 2007 MP: Fanny (Billie Piper)

Falling in love in 2007 MP: Tom (James D'Arcy)

Falling in love in 2007 MP: Lady Bertram (Jemma Redgrave)

Imitation of painting type favored by upper classes, 2001 Aristocrats

45) "I think [Lionel Trilling]'s very strange. He says that 'nobody' could like the heroine of Mansfield Park. I like her, Audrey Rouget[1]:" the latest Oxford Mansfield Park

Fanny's first sight of Mansfield Park, 1983 MP

Tom (Edward Clements) telling Audrey everyone dislikes Fanny (Carolyn Farina) 1990 Metropolitan

Fanny (Sylvestre Le Tousel) writing William, 1983 MP

Young Edmund (Philip Sarson)helping young Fanny (Hannah Taylor-Gordon) write, 1990 MP

Fanny cannot act, distressed, 1983 MP

Mrs Norris (Anna Massey) attacks, 1983 MP

Rehearsal of Lovers' Vows, 2007 MP

Ramparts at Portsmouth, 1983 MP

Child Fanny (Katy Durham-Matthews) listening to Edmund, 1983 MP

Fanny grown up listening to Edmund, 1983 MP

Fanny (Billie Piper) cannot get herself to write Edmund, 2007 MP

Audrey left flat, 1990 Metropolitan

Fanny and Edmund as children, walking in meadow, he reciting, 1983 MP

Fanny (Francis O'Connor) looks at Tom's drawings, 1999 MP

One of the drawings she sees, 1999 MP

Audrey will not play humiliating game 1990 Metropolitan

Mrs Price (Alison Fisk) defends spoilt Betsy, 1983 MP

Fanny a renter and chuser of books, 1983 MP

for Susan (Eryl Maynard), 1983 MP

Mansfield Park, a haunted gothic house, 1990 MP

Audrey crying at St Patrick's, 1990 Metropolitan

Xmas Doubleday: set of Austen, 1990 Metropolitan

46) Dramatic scenes: 6 transcripts from Pallisers 7:14

Frank (Martin Jarvis) talking at Lizzie (Sarah Badel) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Frank alienated (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Frank showing fierce distaste as Lizzie attempts to bring him to her (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) interposes watering can between herself and Fawn (Derek Jacobi) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max hears negotiations in Fawn's words (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max feels some liking for his frankness (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Fawn showing open vulnerability (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lord George (Terence Alexander) telling Lizzie (Sarah Badel) occasionally he asserts himself (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

George puts Lizzie's hands down (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Actor transcends material (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

George closes door behind him (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen (Susan Hampshire) so stressed presses chair before Palliser (Philip Latham) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen swats Palliser's hand away (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Palliser obdurate (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Jane (Helen Lindsay) waving at creditors, George standing by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Jane harkening to George (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

George saying they've lit out before this way (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen making scrapbook for daughter, Mary (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie (Madame Max) and Phineas (Donal McCann) meet again, at either side of TV screen (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie asks Phineas if he and Mary spoke about "them" (herself and others) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas speaks of the misery of marriage (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

47) Summary of Episodes in Pallisers 7:14

Fawn as canary with Clara Hittaway (Penelope Keith) standing by (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max and Lady Glen recite to Duke (Roland Culver) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mary Finn (Maire Ni Ghrainne) dying (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas (Donal McCann) grieving over her death (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Clara (Penelope Keith) interrupting Fawn (Derek Jacobi) while he writes to Lizzie Eustace (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen with Duke (Roland Culver) mocks Duke of St Bungay and Palliser's high minded stance (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke of St Bungay (Roger Livesey) trying to influence what is to occur, Palliser and Lady Glen waiting for death of old man (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie in triumph as she listens to Sergeant Bunfit (James Cossins) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Major Mackintosh (Iain Cuthbertson) judging Lizzie (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max and Duke absorbed in game (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke disgruntled, jealous of Phineas Finn, Lady Glen smiles (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Madame Max hears Phineas returning (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Finn welcomed by Barrington Erle (Moray Watson), brought to club by Mr Monk (Bryan Pringle) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Finn tells Mr Bonteen (Peter Sallis) the Irish do not like to endure men who bray (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie allured by Mr Emilius (Antony Ainley) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen welcomes Phineas Finn who is watching Prime Minister (Gresham) leave (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Bonteen has just insulted Phineas who is retorting bitterly (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Barrington Erle (Moray Watson) takes this encounter in (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas reading Kennedy's letter; he has already received one from Laura (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Series again ending on Phineas' grave and anxious face (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)
Nature, Nonsense, and Foreign Parts

Cover illustration

Photo taken recently: Tamarack Lodge in Mammoth Lakes, California

49) Gothic and Northanger Abbey

Alfonso Simonetti, Ancor Non Torna

Catherine and Eleanor walk in dead mother's favorite walk ('07 NA

Catherine and Eleanor attempt to climb stairs to mother's room ('07 NA

Catherine and Eleanor stopped by General Tilney ('07 NA

Veduta: Italian print, early 19th century

50) Foremother Poet Postings

Serena Gordon and Geraldine Somerville as Caroline and Emily Lennox in Aristocrats, climax

Frances Coates, (1857-1932) Perplexed Players, 1923

60) The Duchess, a writing and reading girl too, 9/19/08

Joshua Reynolds, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, 1774

Joshua Reynolds, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire with daughter, Lady Georgiana Cavendish, 1783

Joshua Reynolds, Lady Bess Foster, 1788

View of Green Park from Devonshire House, 18th century

Georgiana Spencer Cavendish (near her Harriet, her sister, also Charles James Fox and the Prince of Wales), "Gambling Table at Devonshire House" by Thomas Rowlandson

61) ""a heroine whom no one but myself will much like:" the latest Oxford edition of Emma

Emma (Doran Goodwin) loving Knightley (BBC '72 Emma)

Emma (Doran Goodwin) sharing joke with Mr Knightley (John Carson) (BBC '72 Emma)

Emma (Kate Beckinsale) judging Harriet's love (Samantha Morton) (Miramx '96 Emma)

Harriet (Samantha Morton) given copy of book by Mr Martin (Alistair Petrie) (Miramx '96 Emma)

Emma (Kate Beckinsale) judging Harriet's love (Samantha Morton) (Miramx '96 Emma)

Emma (Doran Goodwin) tells Mr Woodhouse (Donald Eccles) (BBC '72 Emma)

Jane Fairfax (Ania Martin) grateful to Mr Knightley (BBC '72 Emma)

Mr Elton (Timothy Peters) amused by Mrs Elton (Fiona Walker) laughing at Jane Fairfax (BBC '72 Emma)

Mr Knightley (Jeremy Northam) and Mrs Weston (Gretta Scachhi) (Miramax '96 Emma)

Apley Priory, cover illustration of Longmans Emma

Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) in Highbury (Miramax '76 Emma)

Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) drawing Harriet (Toni Collette) (Miramax '76 Emma)

Emma and Harriet walk in the wood (Miramax '76 Emma)

Mr Knightley (Mark Strong) less fierce than usual at Emma (Meridian '96 Emma)

Box Hill, fete champetre (Miramax '96 Emma)

Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) stops Mr Knightley (Jeremy Northam) from proposing (Mirmax '96 Emma)

Mr Knightley (John Carson) listening to Mrs Elton flirt (BBC '72 Emma)

Emma (Doran Goodwin) nursing baby (BBC '72 Emma)

Emma (Doran Goodwin) and Mr Knightley (John Carson) (BBC '72 Emma)

Miss Geist (Twink Caplan) and Mr Hall (Wallace Shawm) (Paramount '95 Clueless)

Emma-Charlotte (Kate Beckinsale) and Alice-Elinor (Chloe Sevigny) (Independent '98 Last Days of Disco)

Miss Bates (Sophie Thompson) rescued by Mr Knightley (Miramax '96 Emma)

Mrs Elton (Juliet Stevenson) at close (Miramax '96 Emma)

62) Early autuman

Judy Garland photographed by Richard Avendon

Laura (Celia Johnson) drawing back from throwing herself under a train Brief Encounter)

David Lean filming Brief Encounter

63) Pallisers 8:14: Mid- and high point of series

First shot of Lady Glen as Duchess (Susan Hamsphire) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen as Duchess (Susan Hamsphire) communes with Marie Goesler (Barbara Murray) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Mrs Orme and Mary Lady Mason say goodbye, Orley Farm (by J.E.Millais)

New Duke (Philip Latham) with sons at funeral (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen as Duchess (Susan Hamsphire) with Lady Mary, Marie just behind (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

New Duke (Philip Latham) would avoid being Duke (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen doesn't mind (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen and Marie intimate friends (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas (Donal McCann) and Laura (Anna Massey) embrace once more, she in love, she not (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Dolly Longstaffe (Donald Pickering) trying to get through a Sunday afternoon (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Palliser (Philip Latham) talking with politicians, planning strategy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Kennedy (Derek Godfrey) grieves (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas so glad to see Laura after all these years (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura eager to re-see Phineas (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen comforts the genuinely distressed Lady Hartletop (Doris Rogers) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lady Glen urging the Duke (Roland Culver) to see Lady Hartletop (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Pallisers (Philip Latham) steely moment before the Duke, quotes Henry 4, Part I (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Fatuous Duke of Omnium (Roland Culver) (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Disappointed Brentford (Lockwood West), embittered (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Last shot of Phineas and Laura at Dresden (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas looks at Slide and says ah, it doesn't bother you to change your opinion (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) and Emilius (Anthony Ainley) on Sunday (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) and Emilius (Anthony Ainley) on Sunday, he forcing her to sex (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas fighting off Kennedy (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Monk (Bryan Pringle) watches Dolly getting through Sunday (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas looks to Monk (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Palliser turns to hear news from Lady Glen of Duke's condition (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke and Marie (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke and Marie (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie looks down (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke looks up (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie sees Duke is dead (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

The Church funeral (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Palliser and Silverbridge (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke and Duchess in a companionate marriage (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke and Duchess with Collingwood (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke and Duchess discuess Marie as a woman of quality (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas writing to Laura (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Laura reading Phineas's letter (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duchess and Marie watch Duchess's sons outside window (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Silverbridge and Gerald tackling one another (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Slide (Clifford Rose) infuriated (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas desperate, cornered (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Phineas walks away from Slide (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Duke tells Duchess about the will (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie in from walk telling Duke and Duchess how pleasant it was (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie sense something wrong as she watches Duke and Duchess (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie not believed by Duchess (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

Marie alone (Pallisers) (BBC 1974)

64) A review of Abigail Brundin's book on Vittoria Colonna's poetry

Anonymous, Vittoria Colonna

19th century dream of Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo
by F. Jacovacci

65) Susan Glaspell's Fidelity and Jhumpa Lahiri's Namesake

Margaret Preston, Studio Window, 1906

Nell Blaine (1922-96), Still Life with Shore, mid-century

Jane Hahler, Bellefronte, PA, 2006

66) Foremother Poet: Henrietta Knightley, Lady Luxborough

Thomas Roberts, A River Landscape

Our tabby cat, Ian, on Ellen's desk

Nick's tabby, Tigger, and Chapin, in his garden

67) A womens' and political film: Religulous and The Duchess

Bill Mahler interviews actor playing Christ

Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Glimpse of house from side in film

Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley and Hayley Atwell as menage a trois

Keira Knightley and Dominic Cooper on the set as quiet decent couple

68) The Way of the World at the Shakespeare Theater

Veanne Cox and Christopher Innvar as Millamant and Mirabeau

FloydJones as Anthony Witwood

69) A journey through Austen's career: the latest Oxford Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon, 10/20/08

Pump Room and Bath Abbey, 1987 BBC Northanger Abbey

Catherine (Felicity Jones) looks round her room at Northanger Abbey, 2007 WBGH/Granada NA

Upper rooms, 1987 BBC Northanger Abbey

Fanny (Sylvestre Le Tousel) arriving at Portsmouth, 1983 BBC Mansfield Park

Fanny (Sylvestre Le Tousel) let in at parents' home, Portsmouth, 1983 BBC Mansfield Park

Northern Bridge, Itchen, later 18th century

Catherine (Katherine Schlesinger) and Isabella (Carrie Stuart) reading Radcliffe's Udolpho, 1987 BBC Northanger Abbey

Catherine (Felicity Jones) and Isabella (Carey Mulligan) discussing Radcliffe's Udolpho Northanger Abbey

Cover for 2008 New Oxford Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon

Cover for Norton Northanger Abbey

Cover for 1975 Oxford Northanger Abbey, Persuasion

Cover for 2003 Oxford Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon

Cover for Everyman Northanger Abbey

70) Journalizing: foremother poets & Net Life; movies and books; listserv projects

Emma Thompson and Vanessa Redgrave in Howards End

Nell Blaine, Layered Clouds & Shore, 1982

Nell Blaine, Rooftops

Nell Blaine, Harbor Clouds

Nell Blaine, Evening Table

Jane Freilicher, Edge of Garden, Outdoors

Jane Freilicher, Serenade (1993)

Jane Freilicher, Study for Winter

Jane Freilicher, Backgammon, 1977

80) Two Bronte Movies: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and The Namesake

Arthur and son, Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1996

Helen and Markham in countryside Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1996

Arthur (Rupbert Graves) at table with friends, Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1996

Gilbert Markham (Toby Stephens), Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1996

Helen Graham Huntington (Tara Fitzgerald), Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

Child on bike Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

Helen Graham Huntington (Tara Fitzgerald) as artist framed, Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

Helen Graham Huntington (Tara Fitzgerald) on moors Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

Landscape as edge of the world Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

House shows past behind us, Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1977

Gogol as baby with proud parents, Namesake, 2007

Gogol goes out with Mouskem,i Namesake, 2007

Family returning to India after grandfather's death, Namesake, 2007

Family at Taj Mahal, Namesake, 2007

Gogol brings homme American girl, Maxine, Namesake, 2007

Jeremy Irons, Antony Andrews, Charles and Sebastian Brideshead Revisited, 1981

81) Pallisers 8:16, the full set

Bucolic Landscape, Pallisers, 1974

"Is it too heavy?", Madame Max (Barbara Murray) asks the Duchess (Susan Hampshire) Pallisers, 1974


"Who shall 'scape whipping?" Pallisers, 1974

Maule (Jeremy Clyde) first seen, Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen (Peter Sallis) led on, Pallisers, 1974

Duchess (Susan Hampshire) in her dresssing room, reading newspapers Pallisers, 1974

Madame Max (Barbara Murray) tells Duchess of Phineas's chagrin, Pallisers, 1974

Duchess putting on coronet in front of mirror, Pallisers, 1974

Laura (Anna Massey) vulernable to Phineas, Pallisers, 1974

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) een in mirror with Bonteens (June Whitfield) Pallisers, 1974

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) performance over Pallisers, 1974

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) bruised arm (June Whitfield) Pallisers, 1974

"What to do?" Pallisers, 1974

Madame Max and Duchess concentrating Pallisers, 1974

Phineas (Donal McCann) troubled Pallisers, 1974

Madame Max feels for Phineas Pallisers, 1974

Duchess and Collingwood (Maurice Quick) collude Pallisers, 1974

Duchess and Bungay (Roger Livesey) Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen irritated by Monk's talk of Phineas Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen invited to talk by the Duke (Philip Latham) Pallisers, 1974

"Trade?" Duchess and Monk (Bryan Pringle) to Erle (Moray Watson) Pallisers, 1974

Duchess inspirits Fawn (Derek Jacobi) Pallisers, 1974

Dolly Longestaffe (Donald Pickering) reads People's Banner Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen disdains Phineas Pallisers, 1974

Phineas angry at Bonteen Pallisers, 1974

Emilius (Anthony Ainley) takes Lizzie's drink to drink it himself Pallisers, 1974

Emilius murderous Pallisers, 1974

Phineas and Madame Max intimate Pallisers, 1974

Lizzie fleeing, stops to put on hat Pallisers, 1974

Dinner where they discuss decimal coinage, Fawn and Adelaide (Jo Kendall) meeting for first time, mastershot Pallisers, 1974

Adelaide uncomfortable Pallisers, 1974

"The poor will suffer", Fawn says Pallisers, 1974

Duchess laughing at her joke about decimal coinage's names Pallisers, 1974

Duke not liking joke Pallisers, 1974

Collingwood and Duchess collude again, she depends on him Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen turning away from his desire Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen sincere towards Lizzie Pallisers, 1974

Mrs Bonteen proud of Mr Bonteen's coming promotion to the cabinet Pallisers, 1974

What a beauty! (Adelaide and Fawn) Pallisers, 1974

Maule (Jeremy Clyde) on white horse, Pallisers, 1974

Laura eager for life still, Pallisers, 1974

Phineas's (Donal McCann) face expresses his real situation, Pallisers, 1974

Adelaide taken by Maule, Pallisers, 1974

Maule taken by Adelaide, Pallisers, 1974

Duke fond of Duchess Pallisers, 1974

They smile at one another without making eye contact, Pallisers, 1974

Duke says he never interferes, Pallisers, 1974

Duchess knows better, Pallisers, 1974

Duke tells Duchess what will happen, Pallisers, 1974

Bonteen wrests himself away from Lizzie, Pallisers, 1974

Duchess leading Bonteen on, Pallisers, 1974

Gresham (Robin Bailey) hardballing eyes with Duke of Omnium and Duke of St Bungay (Roger Livesey) Pallisers, 1974

All sit down to dinner, Pallisers, 1974

Mastershot, Bonteen losing control from too much drink, Pallisers, 1974

Collingwood refills Bonteen's glass, Pallisers, 1974

Duke displeased, Pallisers, 1974

Dolly Longestaffe (Donald Pickering) sees what Duchess is doing, Pallisers, 1974

82) An Austen Miscellany; The Gothic Northanger Abbey: A Re-evaluation

The latest Oxford Persuasion

83) East Central meeting, Georgetown (1)

Hubert Robert (1733-1808), Hermit in a Garden (c. 1790)

Chardin (1733-1808), Musical Instruments (c. 1790)

Nell Blaine (1922-96), Palm and Wheat

Harriet O'Carroll's Aristocrats, Part I, Emily and her children are painted (imitation conversation)

Edward (Hugh Grant) reads Cowper aloud ('95 S&S)

Jack (Sean Pertwee) watching Clary in her prison ('91 Clarissa)

Anne Howe (Hermione Norris) has to read Clary's letter in secret ('91 Clarissa)

Fanny (Sylvestre Le Tousel) watches Edmund and Mary rehearsing ('83 MP)

84) Elizabeth Parts 1 and 2, starring Cate Blanchett, 11/28/08

Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett)and Leicester (Joseph Fiennes) ('98 Elizabeth Virgin Queen)

Picturesque scene ('98 Elizabeth Virgin Queen)

More spectacle ('98 Elizabeth Virgin Queen)

Mary of Guise (Fanny Ardant) ('98 Elizabeth Virgin Queen)

Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett)and Walsingham ('08 Elizabeth the Golden Age)

Elizabeth as Joan of Arc ('98 Elizabeth the Golden Age)

81) The Merchant-Ivory-Jhabvala Anglo films, Il y a longtemps que je t'aime, Daisy Miller -- and on not finishing and rereading books, 12/2/08

Merchant-Ivory-Jhabvala films

Remains of the Day

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime

82) On rereading and laying down my chalk

A DVD cover for Barchester Chronicles

83) "The perils of the free spirit in its search for social identity[1]: "She learned romance as she grew older ..." the latest Oxford Persuasion.

Anne Elliot (first still of Sally Hawkins closing Kellynch down) ('07 Persuasion)

Kate Forster (first fuller shot of Sandra Bullock leaving her temporary rental) ('06 Lake House)

Anne Elliot (last still of Amanda Root lifting up her face to the fresh sea breezes & sun) ('95 Persuasion)

Anne seeks Mrs Smith in a less than safe, old and decaying street in Bath) ('71 Persuasion)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins) has vision of Wentworth ('07 Persuasion)

Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) has vision of Anne Elliot ('07 Persuasion)

We glimpse Henrietta Musgrove (Mel Martin) and Charles Hayter (Paul Alexander) led by Charles Musgrove (William Kendall) back to the waiting group at the top of a hill ('71 Persuasion)

The Cobb, Anne and Henrietta (Victoria Hamilton) walking along, a boy passes) ('95 Persuasion)

Captain Wentworth (Ciarhan Hinds) offering the house to Anne) ('95 Persuasion)

Lady Russell (Susan Fleetwood) coolly subrisive to the Captain accuses him of upsetting her friend ('95 Persuasion)

Anne denying such unfounded rumors and asking the Captain (Rupert Penry-Jones) who has been responsible for them ('07 Persuasion)

upon which the hard cold Lady Rusell (Alice Krige) enters, determined to interrupt them ('07 Persuasion)

The old entrance to the Cobb in Lyme ('71 Persuasion)

Camille Pissaro, Jean Reading

Mrs Anna Helena Hellichova by Joseph Hellich, 1964 Signet

Longman Persuasion

Kate Forster passed by, Keenu Reeves ('06 Lake House)

Kate Forster's left-over book ('06 Lake House)

Lyme, Longman Persuasion

Granny Steps on the Cobb, Longman Persuasion

Sidney Place, where the Austens rented, Longman Persuasion

Broadlands House Longman MP

Kate Forster & Alex Wyler discuss Persuasion ('06 Lake House)

Anne Elliot and Captain Benwick talk of poetry ('71 Persuasion)

Wentworth intensely happy ('07 Persuasion)

Anne crying from emotion ('07 Persuasion)

Mrs Crofts (Fiona Shaw) listening ('95 Persuasion)

Anne reading about the navy ('95 Persuasion)

The well-armed Captain Wentworth ('95 Persuasion)

Anne emotionally exhausted ('71 Persuasion)

84) Winter evening: Rereading Clary & on the Net a world to belong

Gainsborough, England, winter scene found on the Net

Clary (Saskia Wickham) and Anne Howe (Hermione Norris) talking and walking ('91 Clarissa)

Mr Harding (Donald Pleasence) playing his cello ('72 Barchster Chronicles)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkings) writing, voice over ('07 Persuasion)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkings) writing, voice over ('07 Persuasion)

Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkings) remembering ('07 Persuasion)

Nell Blaine (1922-1996), Trees in her Studio, Late Afternoon

Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807), Morning Amusement

85) Les Miserables

The company at Signature Theatre Les Miserables

At the barricades, Signature Theatre Les Miserables

The Thenadiers, Signature Theatre Les Miserables

86) Mary Cassattt at the National Womens' Museum; 18th century womens' landskip art

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) Young Woman Sewing (1901)

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) Margot Before a Window

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) Lydia Seated before a Terrace crocheting

Amelia Hotham River Scene (1783)

Countess Templetown, "Woodscene"

Helen Allington (1848-1926) Chase Cottage and Pond

Modern day photo of Torcrosse, Devon

87) A morning at the museum; kittens & teeth at Christmas

Modern day photo of a mall at Xmas, Norwich

Isobel at her desk

Ian in his pod

Another of Ian in his pod

Clary on St Simon at window

Christmas tree, 2008

John Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) A Game of Hot Cockles 1752

John Martin (1806-70) The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum 1821

Camille Pissarro (1830-1909) The Stage Coach 1870

88) The Pallisers 8:17: all four blogs, 12/21/08

Comfy family group gathers around Duchess (Susan Hampshire), 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Silverbridge (Roderick Shaw) greets Marie (Barbara Murray), 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Family group, Collingwood (Maurice Quick) glimpsed, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Silverbridge (Roderick Shaw) speaks up for himself, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duke enraged, demands apology, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duke (Philip Latham) apologizes, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duchess congratulates her son, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Phineas (Donal McCann) saying he would like to smash Bonteen with bludgeon, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Bonteen our point of view, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Bonteen's suffering, :17 (1974 Pallisers)

Prince pointedly snubs Bonteen, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Erle stonewalls Bonteen, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Phineas (Donal McCann) speaks well, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Bonteen sees Phineas speak well, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Prime Minister (Robin Bailey), Erle (Moray Watson) and Monk (Bryan Pringle) pleased by Phineas's speech, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Lizzie (Sarah Badel) lighting Bonteen's cigar, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Bonteen allured by Lizzie Eustace, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duchess bothered and Marie absorbed, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duke (Philip Latham) and Erle (Moray Watson) worrying about trade, rumors spread by People's Banner which have some solid information, 8:17, (1974 Pallisers)

Adelaide (Jo Kendall) and Gerald Maule (Jeremy Clyde), comic pair, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Adelaide hurt, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Mr Bonteen embarrassed but gives Lizzie schedule of costs to pay, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Mrs Bonteen (June Whitfield) makes Lizzie understand money is wanted, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Emilius (Anthony Ainley) hears Bonteen say he, Emilius, will be punished, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Fawn on his knees before Adelaide, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Maule twirls mustache, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Adelaide, quiet dignity, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duchess politicking with Bungay (Roger Livesey), 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Duchess telling Duke, disingenuously, she can't invite everyone, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Palliser teasing Chiltern about gradual extermination of foxes, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Lacy Chiltern (Mel Martin) warns Phineas about Laura's real feelings, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Marie worried about him, inquires, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Finn curt to Madame Max, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Phineas now the "in" person, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Bonteen angered because now excluded, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Dolly (Donald Pickering) telling salacious joke to prince and flunkies, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Phineas in a rage, held back, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Prince (Edward Hardwicked) applauded after he ridicules another man in public, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Fawn humiliated by Prince and flunkies, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Fawn alerted to something, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

What Fawn saw in the streets, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

What Bonteen saw just before his death, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

The Death of Bonteen, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Barrington distressed, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Phineas arrested, 8:17 (1974 Pallisers)

Our first view of Emily Wharton (Sheila Gibson) (1974 Pallisers)

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