Isobel's recital: April 29, 2006

Gentle reader, on this page you will find photos and programs from Isobel's recital at Sweet Briar on the evening of April 29th, 2006

The Program

The translations of the songs not in English

Program Notes

Here is Isobel shortly after she was done and everyone had applauded and we were crowding round:

Here she is with her accompanist, Noemi Otto, and Ellen (her mother):

Isobel and her voice teacher, Ms Miriam Hermosa:

Isobel opening her present:

Professor Ross, Chairman of the Music Department and Isobel's teacher:

And here we have Jennica, Isobel's roomate, Isobel, and Ellen:

Isobel, Laura, and Ellen; and (from another page) Jim, Ellen, and Isobel:

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