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Essays on Jhabvala's _East into Upper East_ · 29 January 05

Dear Nobody,

I still regularly write essays on literature. Most of them are not suitable for putting on a blog since they are often in response to others on listservs. Many of these I put on my website and will continue to do so whenever I can devote an hour a day.

Sometimes though I am aware that what I am writing stands alone and is good. It makes me sad that I can’t get my things published.
I used to get frustrated when on lists I’d be greeted by incomprehension or anger or sheer stupidity: people picking out a small detail because it hit some particular sore spot of their own and creating threads out of resentment or self-assertion. That happened last week on my small list on WW over breast-feeding, a real "hot spot" for the women who subject themselves to this. Now I tell myself that were these to be published, it would be the same.

I’ve become disillusioned about publication in hard copy :).

Anyway I wrote three good ones on two brilliant stories by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala this morning. I hope eventually to put them on my website, but if I never do, here they are out in cyberspace
for whoever may be interested.

The first is on both Tales 3 and 4 of the volume, the second on Tale 3 alone and the third on Tale 4. You will see how interested I am in women’s serious romance as a subgenre.


Posted by: Ellen

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