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Another Nancy Drew poem · 10 May 07

Dear Anne,

I have so little time during the day for writing letters to you, and am so tired at night. Let me just though send you this poem which Judy sent to me. It’s another, this time oddly poignant, on Nancy Drew:

Looking for Nancy

Looking for Nancy
everywhere, I’ve stopped
girls in trenchcoats
and blue dresses
Nancy I’ve looked
all over
hell for you,
Nancy I’ve been afraid
I’d die before I found you

But there’s always
been some mistake:

a broken streetlight,
too much rum
or even
my wanting too much
for it to be her.

Alden Nowlan

I have read some group of film-makers is making a film with the Nancy Drew character at the center. Alas, that Judy Bolton was apparently not as an attractive figure to readers (or was not pushed as hard because by a single woman and not rewritten every 10 years).


Posted by: Ellen

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  1. On Wompo I wrote:

    “I fear it will be dreadful (to me at any rate), all sexed up or made very stupid, but maybe not :).”

    Barbara Cooker replied:

    “I’ve seen the coming attractions, and it seems stupid beyond words (and they have the characters ALL wrong, too.)”
    Elinor    May 10, 12:43pm    #

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