Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources

I include:

  • A list of all the manuscripts which contain handwritten copies of Anne Finch's poems, both those which were openly attributed to her in print and those which were not. In an appendix to my book I will include a list of the unattributed poems and arguments for attribution. For now the list and arguments may be found in my chronology of Finch's poems (which includes all her poems, a brief description of them, their earliest printing history, all the various anthologies they have appeared in, and their sources if they are translations or imitations or allusive).
  • A list of all 20th century editions of Finch's poetry, none of which are complete. (I have now been able to include the most recent partial edition of Finch's poetry by Barbara McGovern and Charles Hinnant.)
  • A link to a bibliography of books Finch used as source texts for her translations and adaptations; this includes books of the same type which she may have been influenced by, and a list of secondary books on this material.
  • A link to an annotated list of the precise sources of each of Finch's fables. Here the interested reader finds Finch's poem next to each of the sources.
  • A list of those secondary sources which directly relate to Anne or her family members and close friends and the places where she lived. Here are also those critical and scholarly essays and books which have been written about her texts or her life thus far.
  • A more general bibliography made up of primary materials and studies which provide a more detailed and accurate (non-anachronistic) picture of Anne Finch's time, milieu, and the people she spent her life among.
  • A link to an updated bibliography of translation studies.
  • A detailed history of the anthologizing of Finch's poetry from the late 17th through to the end of the 20th century.


Primary Sources:


Printed Books (in date order):

20th Century Editions

E-Texts of Anne Finch's Poetry

Bibliography of the Original Source Texts

Annotated List of the Sources of Anne Finch's Fables

Secondary Materials on Anne and Heneage Finch

Bibliography on the Period: Anne and Heneage Finch's Contemporaries

Bibliography of Translation Studies

The History of the Anthologizing and Important Individual Reprints

Here is a list of all the anthologies in which Anne Finch's poetry has appeared, of significant separate reprints of individual poems either where they come well after her death or where the texts were taken from previous printed books). The chronologies cite the first name of the editor and the year of the edition. For most of the older anthologies I have included the pagination. The anthologies are subdivided into centuries and then alphabetized.

The Seventeenth Century:

The Eighteenth Century:

The Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century, the First Half (1900-50)

The Twentieth Century, the Second Half (1951-2000):

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