If the Possession of Imperial Sway


Upon the Death of King James the Second

Primary Text:

MS Folger, 300-4 (several cross-hatched passages seem to refer to drinking and sexual debaucheries of Charles II or James II, of these the clearest 6 lines reprinted by Reynolds; otherwise beautifully written out, with great care, including detailed notes about James II's achievements as a soldier and general).


On the Death of King James. By a Lady; An Elegy on the Death of King James By a Lady. 1701

Secondary Ed:

1903 Reynolds prints Folger text, 85-91.


Recalls Dryden's Threnodia Augustus upon the death of Charles II; the hero deserted and only her solitary "Pen" left to commemorate.


The records show that James had a definite stroke on August 24, 1701, he lingered for 3 more weeks and died September 1, 1701.
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