What freindship is, Ardelia shew?


Freindship Between Ephelia and Ardelia

Primary Text:

MS Folger, 22*.
Eph -- What freindship is, Ardelia shew?
Ard -- Tis to love, as I love you.
Eph -- This account so short, (tho' kind)
Suites not my enquiring mind.
Therefore farther now repeat.
What is freindship, when compleat?
Ard -- 'Tis to share all joy, and greif,
'Tis to lend all due releif,
From the tongue, the heart, the hand,
'Tis to morgage [sic] house, and land,
For a freind, be sold a slave,
'Tis to dye upon a Grave,
If a freind therein do lye.
Eph -- This, indeed, tho' carry'd high,
This, tho' more then 'ere was done,
Underneath the roling [sic] Sun,
This, has all been said before,
Can Ardelia, say no more?
Ard -- Words indeed, no more can shew,
But 'tis to love, as I love you.

Secondary Eds:

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Anne's new terseness combines with her lyrical impulse (this is an Orinda-like poem) to produce an effective piece. Ephelia is probably Francis Finch Thynne, Lady Weymouth. See Finch's other poems to her: Me, dear Ephelia, me, in vain you court, Absence in love effects the same.
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