Cupid e're depriv'd of sight


Cupid and Folly. A Fable. Immitated from the French.

Primary Text:

MS Folger, 248-9*.

Secondary Eds:

1713 Misc, 135-6; rpt of 1713: 1903 Reynolds, 159- 60.


La Fontaine, "L'Amour and La Folie," XII, 14, 340.


Rpt of 1713: 1757 Colman, 261-2.


An imitation whose impersonal style and Swiftian hudibrastic tone differentiates it from Anne's other anacreontics; yet it also looks forward to them in its piquancy, reversal of expectations and wry moral. See Finch's later published "Cupid one day ask'd his mother", unpublished "Venus who did her bird impart" and unacknowledged anacreontics from Dacier in 1714 Steele.
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