Since the Road of Life's so ill


The Equipage. Written originally in French By L'Abbe Reigner.

Primary Texts:

MS Folger, 256* (placed after "Life's Progress" and before "The Unequal Fetters").

Secondary Eds:

1713 Misc, 125-6; rpt of 1713: 1903 Reynolds, 122; rpts of 1903 Reynolds: 1979 Rogers AF, 88.


From French miscellany which incorrectly attributed a melancholy satiric epistle in Regnier's manner to him. This one defeated me. I couldn't find it, and my guess is that Anne has adapted it so freely that it is most unlike the original.


Very good, personal allegory about why she writes poetry. The original arrangement in the Folger is the illuminating one followed here.
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