Bachus, to thee that turn'st the brain


The Bargain. a Song between Bachus & Cupid, made at my [Heneage's] request by Ardelia [written over a previous name which begins with A]

Primary Texts:

MS's: F-H 283, 89-90*; Folger, 34 (in Folger "The Nymph in vain, bestows her Pains" precedes and "Upon a Punchbowl" follows this poem upon the effect of drink on love). This is Reynold's attempt to bring this and above poem together).

Secondary Eds:

1903 Reynolds prints Folger text, 37 (after epistles to Elizabeth Wyndham, Charles, and Leslie Finch); rpts of 1903 Reynolds: 1928 Murray 68; 1930 Fausset, 20-1; 1979 Rogers AF, 45; 1987 Thompson, 19-20.


Wry ironic contest, at end of which Cupid agrees "He, that's in love, shall fly to thee,/And he thats drunk, shall reel to me."
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