Fortune well-pictur'd on a rolling Globe


The Decision of Fortune. A FABLE.

Primary Text:

No MS; 1713 Misc, 51-5.

Secondary Eds:

Rpt of 1713: 1903 Reynolds, 174-6.


La Fontaine, "L'Homme qui court apres la Fortune, et l'Homme qui l'attend dans son lit," XVII 11, 192-4; also the emblem, "Fortuna," see 1758-60 Ripa, Iconologia, 1971 Maser rpt, Emblem 152, "Fortuna."


Rpt of 1713: 1757 Colman, 258-60.


Finch's poem is a very free imitation. She writes a colorful intense narrative which looks forward to Pope's Epilogue to the Satires," "Dialogue I, lines 141-58 (Vice). In content the poem is another defense of retirement.
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