WHO does not wish, ever to judge aright


The Hog, the Sheep, and Goat carrying to a FAIR

Primary Text:

No MS; 1713 Misc, 110-2*.

Secondary Eds:

Rpt of 1713: 1903 Reynolds, 182-3; rpt of 1903 Reynolds: 1930 Fausset, 81-2.


La Fontaine, "Le Cochon, la Chevre, et le Mouton," VIII, 12, 219-20.


Rpt of 1713: 1757 Colman, 260-1.


Rpt of 1713/1903: 1990 Lonsdale, 18.


While Finch has turned La Fontaine's verse narrative turned into series of stanzas, she nonetheless remains true to moral and spirit of original fable. In context her use of archaic and blunt language is effective and appropriate. She captures the blind coarse cruelty of "Life's Affair." There is poignany here too: "The Wretch who tastes his suff'rings late,/Not He, who thro' th'unhappy Future prys,Must of the Two be held most Fortunate and Wise."
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