The NYMPH whose Virgin-heart thy charms have taught


To Mr. Prior, from a LADY Unknown* (in a footnote: ANNE, Countess of Winchelsea).

Primary Text:

No MS; 1740 Prior,II, xx-xxi.

Secondary Eds:

rpt of 1740: 1903 Reynolds, 102 ; rpt of 1903 Reynolds: 1930 Fausset, 53.


Embarrassingly bad, mawkish uncomfortable attempt to coquet with Prior; she describes herself as a "Nymph" with a "Virgin-heart" whose Prior's "charms have taught to cherish Love." She has invested Prior's light lyrics with her own serious grave depths. The text was first published when in 1741 Prior's friend, Adrian Drift, put together as many poems in praise of Prior by people whose opinions were thought significant.
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