She is not fair you criticks of the Town


The Agreeable [second poem so titled in Wellesley MS].

Primary Text:

MS Wellesley, 95*.

Secondary Eds:

1987 Thompson prints Wellesley (via 1910 Dowden), 75-6, lines 1-8, 13-27; 1988 Ellis d'Alessandro prints Wellesley text, 125-6; McGovern & Hinnant,66.


1910 Dowden prints Wellesley, 238, lines 1-8, 13-4, 17-20.


Epigram defending someone ("Valeria") who is not beautiful. Finch has written such poems before, to Mrs Catherine Fleming as as "To Flavia". Her defense is that of "Melinda on an insipped Beauty:" "What is this charm but something from the Soul/Which warms us whilst it shines and influences the whole/That mocks description which can ne'er advance/Their all subduing mind drest a la negligence". There is a Valeria in the much earlier poem, "Circuit of Apollo," but far apart in time Anne Finch did use the same pseudonym for more than one woman (both Mary of Modena and Madame Deshouliers are Urania).


I have placed this one earlier than others which appear to have been written in or to the town because it comes early in the MS.
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