Warmth in my heart and wonder in my thought


To his Excellency the Lord Cartret at Stockholm Upon recieving from him a picture in miniature of Charles the twelfth King of Sweden.

Primary Text:

MS Wellesley, 66-7.

Secondary Ed:

1988 Ellis d'Alessandro prints Wellesley text, 96-7; McGovern & Hinnant, 23-24.


He was husband to Francis Worseley, Lady Carteret (see " Quoth the Swains who got in at the late Masquerade"; she is mentioned in the prose part of the piece). This is a panegyric on Charles and Cartret. Finch refers to her "Verses written on the King of Sweden's Picture" as an "early theme of my aspireing muse." Charles XII was a hero to Jacobites of this period. Finch's description of Frances Worseley, Lady Carteret, her children, and Granville's mother shows she had recently visited them.


Subscribed "Cleaveland row, London, January ye 13th 1719/20 ...Ann Winchilsea." It's worth noting (once again) that she leaves off the "e" and now signs herself "Winchilsea."
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