The South Sea affair is what I now Sing


A Ballad

Primary Text:

MS Harleian 7316, 54r-55v*. Never printed.


Possible attribution to Anne Finch as the fifth in the series of 14 poems in the MS Harleian 7316. The tenth is "Ombre and Basset laid aside", to which it is related in subject; although there is an ascription to "Miss Verney just turn'd of 10 Years old." This is a joke or ruse. for the lexical, sexual, and psycho-social complexity of the poem is utterly beyond even the most remarkable 10 year old. The poem is in Finch's best late realistic satiric and naturalist vein; filled with sharp comments on behavior of real people and various frauds and individuals involved. The poet sees connection between this and contemporary French Mississippi scam.


Between January 1720 (when Bubble really grew by leaps and bounds) and her death August 5, 1720.
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