I having seen (out of the love of novelty) many Plays brought upon the Stage which have been as indifferent as these two of mine,


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Primary Text:

MS Folger, 61* (changed to 69 when revised pieces from Aminta above and "Verses, incerted in a letter to my Lady Thanet; being an enquiry after Peace," were inserted into already paginated first pages of play in Folger).

Secondary Ed:

1903 Reynolds prints Folger text, 271.


As with Finch's "The Preface," extraordinary document showing her vacillation, desire that her work which she regards as equal to those put on the stage be better known, her fear of ridicule and shame, her desire to protect her non-juring husband. She will not destroy her play but wants posterity (or whoever might just read these) that "a more terrible injury cannot be offer'd me then to occasion, or permitt them ever to be represented" [sic].
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