When, dear Teresa, shall I be


My Sister Ogle From Kyrby Decembr 31, 1688 [F-H 283, 38]; A Letter to My Sister Ogle [F-H 283, Table of Contents]; To my Sister Ogle, Decbr 31-1688 [Folger]

Primary Texts:

MS's: F-H 283, 38-40; Folger, 5-6.

Secondary Eds:

1903 Reynolds prints Folger, 38; rpt of 1903 Reynolds: 1928 Murray, 46; 1930 Fausset, 20-1; 1979 Rogers AF, 46; 1987 Thompson, 30-1.


Finch at Kirby, Dorothy still in London after Dorothy's mistress, Princess Ann has fled to her father's enemies; Finch wondering when and if they shall be restored to one another. Influenced by Katherine Philips's poems to women.
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