Whilst Thirsis, in his Pride of Youth


A Song

Primary Texts:

MS's: F-H 283, 57-8*; Folger, 29-30.
Whilst Thirsis, in his Pride of Youth,
To me alone, professt,
Dissembl'd Passion, drest like truth,
He Tryumph'd in my breast.
I Lodg'd him, neare my Yeilding heart,
Deny'd him but my arms,
Deluded with his pleasing art,
Transported with his charmes.
The wand'rer now, I lose, or Share
With ev'ry Lovely maid,
Who make the hearts of men their care,
Shall have their own, betray'd.
Our Charmes on them wee vainly prove,
And boast, wee Conquest gaine.
Where one, a victim fall's to Love,
A thousand Tyrants reign.

Secondary Ed:

1903 Reynolds reprints Folger text, 129.


1724 The Hive II, 96 (name change: "Whilst Strephon ..."; one line makes more sense than F-H 283 or Folger 29-30: "Deny'd him not my arms" not "Deny'd him but my arms"; other changes suggest either corruption, modernization or another MS).


Speaker a woman who complains that as soon as Thirsis conquered, he abandoned her; therefore has she been betrayed. This may be one of a pair, the other si "A Song: "The Pretious hours of flying Youth"
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