Proposal for Essay #1

by Kathy Psihas
  1. I want to write my paper on the musical instrument the flute.
  2. I was thinking that I would take the reader through a journey of what it is like to play the flute. I would explain the physical features of the instrument so that the reader can visualize it better in their minds. Then I was thinking that I could explain how it works while putting them in the position of a flautist, or flutist. While explaining the instrument I would try to keep the readers attention by catching them off guard, like reprimanding them for bad posture while trying not the offend them. To ensure that I donít offend anyone I would make the speaker a conductor of a band who is very appreciative about music.
  3. My preliminary thesis would be something along the lines of ďEven though the flute may appear to be a simple object to construct, a lot of thinking and effort, from both the producer and player, go into producing such a wonderful sound (from this little instrument.)Ē
  4. I chose this object because I played the flute all throughout middle and high school and even though I know a lot about it, I donít know some of the more complicated things, such as how the airflow contributes to the different sounds that can be produced and how different combinations of buttons can produce a totally different sound.

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