Proposal for Essay #1.

Keep it to less than 2 pages.

  1. Name of object you are going to describe, what it is, and where you found it. Exact location.
  2. What is its subject? if it is an abstract, what is the title and does that tell you anything. A couple of sentences.
  3. Provisional thesis? what idea do you think you will develop? A couple of sentences.
  4. Strategy: how do you plan to present it: will you frame it as a story; will you place it in history or against what is known of the author or school it belongs to (what kind of building is it); will it be an autobiographical or personal context? What comparisons will you use? Two paragraphs.
  5. . Ask yourself why you were attracted to the object? Is your attraction central to your idea? here you could try some preliminary description (formal elements, light, dark, colors, any other elements, organization, symmetrical, non-symmetrical, balanced, what it's made of or medium). Two paragraphs at most.
  6. What do you think the artist is trying to say or feeling, or wants to make you feel. One paragraph.

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