Proposal for Essay #2

by Chandler V. Coleman
  1. Memories of gardening and weeding
  2. I've been gardening for about eight years now, so by relying on my memories, I will tell of how I started my garden and maintain it. The experiments I will tell of include 1) scattering the seeds and leaving growth to nature; 2) transplanting, and 3) sowing seeds. I will also include a description of the type of plants used, the surrounding fauna, and tell of my successes and failures. After an initial failure, I decided that transplanting already germinating seeds would produce a successful small garden. So that was my hypothesis.
  3. Learning to make a thriving garden puts the gardener in contact with the natural world in an intimate satisfying way.
  4. I want to describe my gardening because I have experiment with trying to grow a successful garden for a long time after I was given my first seed. I truly enjoy gardening. I even like weeding, which my father orginally forced me to do; this chore brought more understanding of flora.

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