A family secret...

(Joseph to Ben: Sarah was your mother)

Takes father and son to a distant planet

(The Siskos, Ezri, and Jamie on Tyree)

A grandson's anger

(Jake to Sarah-Prophet: You raped that woman! And you used my poor grandfather and broke his heart!)

May decide the fate of a world

(Kira: All I know is this is getting worse)

And a mysterious newcomer

(Jamie Thale: I am current awaiting new assignment)

With a secret mission of her own

(Taddus Swann to Five: We don't contact her until it's time for her next instruction)

All coming up in "Ashes"!

(Odo to Kira: Well, if the Klingons show up too, we'll know this has been a bad day)

Coming Soon to The Writings of Miss Izzy!