By Izzy

They had played longer then usual that night, until Jack was quite hot and sweaty, and Stephen was flushed. When they finished and put their instruments away, they both collapsed on top of the locker. Jack was leaning up against the bulkhead, and somehow Stephen’s head ended up in his lap, but Jack did not mind; indeed, he very much liked it there.

But even so, he shortly asked, “Do you intend to sleep there, my dear?”

“Perhaps,” Stephen replied, and pressed his face into Jack’s thigh. “You are quite comfortable, very warm.”

“No I am not comfortable,” and he wasn’t either in the breeches he was wearing, with Stephen all but nuzzling his thigh. Then he couldn’t help laughing at his play on the word “comfortable.”

Stephen pulled himself up enough to look at Jack reproachfully. “Oh, is my head really so uncomfortable for you to have on your lap? Is it really so big and bulky....”

“It is not your head itself, Stephen, but, well, I think you can see for yourself down there...”

Stephen took a good look, and then said, “Oh, so it was this?” And then he did nuzzle Jack’s leg, reaching down towards his ankle as he did so.

“Stephen,” started Jack, “you really should learn to...” Then he gasped as Stephen, having undone the breeches on his right leg to the knee, began to lick the sensitive flesh under Jack’s kneecap.

“You were saying?” Of course he had to stop, just when Jack had decided against protesting further. And lick his lips ever so slightly, just enough to drive all words from Jack’s mind, so that his response was to all but throw Stephen onto his back and climb on top of him.

“But really, what were you saying?” Stephen asked much later, when they were both resting as a tangle of naked limbs on top of the locker.

“What do you mean what was I saying?”

“What should I learn to do?” It took Jack another second to remember what he had been talking about. Then he could no longer remember what he had intended to say. Feeling very vexed, he replied, “What you should learn to do is not distract people when you want an answer out of them!”

“Oh. I apologize, my dear. I think.”

“You think?”

“Well, as far as I know, you disapproved of my doing this.” And he licked his lips the same way he had earlier, which would have aroused Jack if it hadn’t been for their more recent activities.

“Oh no, it is certainly not that I have a problem with. That I should like you to do a good amount of times.”