In honour of my grandmother, Grace Ellen Hodgson Moody.

A Year Later

He'd wanted to go alone. But they would not allow him in alone. Luna had her own mission there, and she followed him silently, until together they stood before the veil.

She spoke first. "I can't hear my mother. I suppose she's gone further back now. But it's only been a year..."

Since the person he listened for had fallen. But there were so many voices, how could he tell...?

"Relax." she whispered. Harry obeyed. Voices washed over him. He could tell each from the other.

He felt more then heard the voice, as at last Sirius bade him farewell.


Everybody Hurts

Harry had grown tired of sitting around. Sixth year and the two Gryffindor Prefects were busier then usual. They'd scold him for leaving the common room, he knew, but what harm could come to him within Hogwarts?

When Luna materialized next to him and showed no sign of leaving, he made no protest. Silently they walked together half the length of the castle.

They stopped at a window, chilly air on their faces. "You're sad." she said at last. "Too sad. Why?"

"When you feel like you're alone..." he started.

"No, no, no," she cut him off. "You're not alone."



He'd gone wandering through the corridors again. He did so quite often. The storm was pounding against the windows, and one of them had been blown open. He stood there and let the rain drench him.

When he ran into Luna, which he often did, she sat him down by an old tapestry, and attempted an elaborate enchantment to dry him.

"Don't bother." he said. "I like feeling wet. Could get a cold, I suppose, but I still like it."


"Just do."

"Then I'll get wet with you."

They went back to the window and stood in the storm.



When it rained again, Harry once again went out into the corridors. He didn't know how to seek her out, but it didn't matter. He met Luna quickly enough, and her eyes fell on his Firebolt.

"You could have gone flying by yourself."

"I want you with me. If you'd like."

"I would."

It was good, this deadening of thoughts, save the roar of the storm, the feel of the rain pounding into him, the wood under his knees, and Luna pressed into his back, her arms tight on his chest and hair whipping on his ears, and her laughter.



They’d taken to the evening. Curfews they just ignored. Harry knew if they ever ran into Snape, McGonagall, Filch, or who knew who else they’d be in for it, but they didn’t. Actually, Harry never ran into anyone besides Luna, which even during the evening was strange.

He asked her one night if she ever ran into anyone. "Only you." she said.

"How? There can't be noone besides us out here."

"We emit auras," said Luna. "They keep other people away. But our auras cancel each out, so we aren't driven off."

It was as likely an explanation as any.



Harry and Luna typically joined each other quickly during their late night walks. But one night he walked and walked and walked and started to feel his temper give.

"Where were you?" he demanded when she appeared at last. "It's past midnight!"

"O.W.L. revision. I'll be up all night walking with you, you know!" she said crossly, and Harry felt ashamed. She was doing him a favour, running into him the way she did.

He apologized as they watched the first light of dawn appear from the top of a tower. "No need," she said. "I'll practice producing sleeping bags."



After her final O.W.L., Luna walked with Harry the entire night. Near dawn, they went outside. Luna conjured sleeping bags. She was an expert on that spell. "I used it on one of my practicals," she informed Harry. "Must have helped my mark a lot."

Then her bag tore from her attempting to get into it. "But I might be a little tired."

Harry got into his fine, but it was a little big. "Maybe..." Luna started.

Hagrid was very surprised when the next morning he found them asleep in the middle of the lawn, together in one sleeping bag.