The NARRATOR stands to one side of an empty stage. Throughout the performance, he is (he only one who speaks

Once apon a time there was an astronaut named John Cricton. He was performing a test on a theory, in a NASA module named "Farscape 1".(JOHN CRICHTON comes on in a cart that looks something like a NASA shuttle, labeled "Farscape 1")Unfortuneatly, he fell through a wormhole, ( John zips about like mad) and ended in a hostile part of the galaxy, ruled by the Peacekeepers.

John comes to a halt as Crais and the PK run onto the stage in formation. They are all lined up neatly, he is in front. Music starts.

"PK Forever"
Crais and the PK:
As we go traveling through the galaxy
Whatever course our computers might chart
We know that we are the Peacekeepers
And in this show we play the bad guys part

When we stumble on a new planet
Whatever race on the planet may dwell
We will impose our rules apon them
many races will this story tell

Through all the years, PK, and fears, PK,
We give three cheers PK for thee
Through everything, PK, we bring, PK
And sing, PK, for three

Music ends

Also unfortuneatly, when John had emerged from the wormhole, he had had a run in with the brother of the PK Commander, Crais, and the brother died. Although it was by no means John's fault, it seems he would be another victim of the PK. And he also accidently irreversably contamined a PK pilot named Aeryn Sun. But fortunatly there was a fleeing group of prisoners aboard a Leviathan called Moya(Music starts. D'ARGO, ZHAAN, PILOT, and RYGEL run on.)

"PK Forever(Parody)"

D'Argo, Zhaan, Rygel, and Pilot:

As I was jaunting cross the galaxy
I suddenly had good reason to fear
Cause the Peacekeepers were didn't like me
And so they went and imprisoned me here!

If you land on a commerce planet
And suddenly there's Prowlers overhead
You better fly back up and beat it
Cause there's a chance the PK want you dead.

I can't explain, PK, the pain, PK
For many cycles the PK held me

D'Argo, Rygel, and Pilot:
And after that they held us also

D'Argo, Rygel, Pilot and Zhaan:
Well, now we've gone and broken free!

(They run, as do John and Aeryn, and the PK back out, leaving the six of them left.)

D'Argo, Zhaan, Rygel, and Pilot:
If any god, PK, had seen PK,
They would turn red and dissapear!
They make no sense, PK, we hate PK,
We stick PK right here!

They got away, thanks to John's experiment, and he and Aeryn went with them. But they still the PK to worry about, and they all wanted to go home, even though home was a different place for each of them.