And now, an excerpt from part 5 of "Habeas for Superheroes," tentatively titled, "The Superhero WAG Support Group," currently in progress...

“So,” Karen was saying, “A couple of hours ago, the White House issued a statement saying it was ‘deeply concerned’ about Secretary Ross’ words, and is ‘considering’ what actions are appropriate.” She didn’t bother keeping the derision out of her voice, since she was conducting the interview with her old bosses in the comfort of their apartment. “What have you two got to say to that?”

It was the afternoon after the breakout and Ross’ response, and Foggy was still feeling shaken to the core. She doubted she was the only one.

She wished Marci was there to do that one proper justice. But she was off doing her first interview with a Harlem reporter, a friend of Mrs. Wilson’s, her client’s mother alongside her. So she and Matt touched each other’s hands, and he flicked his fingers, and tilted his head when she looked at it.

She briefly considered just how vicious she wanted to be, and settled for, “Well, I’ve always thought our current President was a bit of a coward, but I would’ve thought he would’ve done the right thing in this case.”