The Ron/Hermione Fanfic Drinking Game

First and foremost, it is strongly advised that due to the large amount of drinking done, the beverage used be milk, water, pumpkin juice, or some other non-alcoholic beverage.

Instances in which a drink may be taken:

Ron and Hermione argue
TAKE TWO if its not over schoolwork

Ron gets jealous

Hermione gets jealous

One comforts the other

Ron saves Hermione
TAKE TWO if Harry doesn't help him

Harry asks Ron how he feels about Hermione
TAKE TWO if he denies being in love with her, but it's obvious that he is

Someone asks Hermione how she feels about Ron
TAKE TWO if it isn't Harry or Ginny
If she isn't sure how she feels
(Take another if both)

Somone tells either Ron or Hermione to go for it
TAKE TWO if it isn't Harry, Fred, George, or Ginny
If it's Fred or George(or both) telling Hermione

Harry has a romance with another girl(or boy)
TAKE TWO if it isn't with Ginny, Cho, Luna, or an original character

A Muggle song is involved
TAKE TWO if you recognize the song

Ron and Hermione touch
TAKE TWO if it makes either of them nervous

Hermione gives (or receives from) Ron a platonic kiss

Hermione gives (or receives from) Ron a romantic kiss
TAKE TWO if its a really long one
If it takes him(or her) by surprise
(Take another if both)

Someone walks in on Hermione and Ron making out

Ron tells Hermione he loves her
TAKE TWO if she's just told him she loves him

Hermione tells Ron she loves him
TAKE TWO if he's just expressed a belief otherwise

A love triangle involving Ron and Hermione occurs
TAKE TWO if the third person isn't Harry or Krum

A love rectangle, pentagon, or any other larger shape involving and Ron and Hermione occurs
TAKE ANOTHER DRINK for each person involved after four

Ron apologizes for making Hermione cry
TAKE TWO if she was crying because of something he did because he was jealous

Someone plots to get Ron and Hermione together
TAKE TWO if it's not Harry, Ginny, or Fred and George
If it's more then one person(take another for each person involved after two)

There's a ball
TAKE TWO if Ron and Hermione go with the wrong people, but end up together by the end of the night

Ron writes to Hermione telling her how he feels

Ron is made Keeper for the Gryffindor team
TAKE TWO if he's also made captain

Either Ron or Hermione are made Prefects
TAKE TWO if they both are

Hermione is made Head Girl
TAKE TWO if Ron is made Head Boy

Hermione mentions Hogwarts:A History
TAKE TWO if Ron makes a comment about it

Something from Fantastic Beasts or Quidditch Through the Ages is used

One of the teachers thinks something along the lines of, "Ah, young love"

Hermione comes to stay with the Weasleys or Ron goes to stay with Hermione over the holidays
TAKE TWO if Harry doesn't

Ron sits by Hermione's bedside in the Hospital Wing
TAKE TWO if they fall asleep

Ron stands up to Malfoy over Hermione
TAKE TWO if it's because of him hitting on her

Hermione stands up to Malfoy
TAKE TWO if she stuns Ron out of his socks

In either of the above, the ferret incident is mentioned

Hermione saves Ron
TAKE TWO if Harry doesn't help her

Hermione has to assure Ron she isn't in love with Harry

It is told that Hermione and Krum have broken up
TAKE TWO if Krum isn't protrayed in a very positive light

Ron gets Hermione a gift

Ron proposes to Hermione
TAKE TWO if it's really dramatic

Ron and Hermione get married
TAKE TWO if the ceremony is interrupted

Ron and Hermione have children
TAKE TWO if they're not yet married

One of the other Weasleys gets married(or is married when the story opens)
TAKE TWO if its not Percy to Penelope, Fred to Angelina, George to Alicia, or Ginny to Harry, Colin, or Neville

If it's after Hogwarts, one of their classmates besides Harry, any of the Weasleys, or Draco makes an appearance