And now for the code!

My idea is that the code for each site has a picture of the couple that the site supports. But in order for you to have that picture of your couple, one of us has to get thier hands on a picture of that couple.

I have here a collection of pictures of various couples, and you can pick the one shown of yours to include in the code.

If you can't find a picture of your couple here, then you substitute a picture of your own. If should be about the same size as the other pictures shown here. Then send it to me, so future sites about your couple can use it for thier code. Credit wil be given. Note if a picture is bigger then all the others, you should shrink it before placing it in the code.

And for those of you who are obsessed with romance in general, well, there are plently of pictures to choose from, and you're sure to like one of them.

An actual copy of the code can be accessed here.

Of course, you replace ***SITE OWNER*** with your name, ***SITE EMAIL*** with your email, ***SITE ID*** with your site ID, and INSERT GRAPHIC HERE with one of these pictures. Remember to download the picture to your own server.

For instance, using the first picture, the code will look like this:

This Romantic Obsession Net Ring site is owned by Izzy.

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Here are the current images to choose from:

Picture supplied by Arla J. Her page
Picture supplied by Dani Royer Her page