The Very Secret Diary of Jack Aubrey

Day 1
Got whalloped by a French frigate. More than twice our guns, more than twice our numbers. I must give chase!
Still not Admiral.

Day 2
Stephen took an arm off. Thankfully wasn't mine.
Is it just me, or did he enjoy de-arming Lord Blakeney?
Still not Admiral.

Day 3
Gave Little Lord One-Arm a book. He smiled at me very oddly. Do I have a wanton midshipman on my hands? Best keep an eye on Stephen while Blakeney's under his care.
And still not Admiral.

Day 5
Saw a pretty girl in Brazil. Pity there was no time to score. Stephen later chided me for a wandering eye rather aggressively. Platonic brotherly concern so touching.
But still not Admiral.

Day 7
Was walking belowdecks when I heard Bonden yell "Faster Doudle, Faster!" Assume they were practicing the use of a weapons and Doudle shoots too slow.
Still not Admiral.

Day 8
Stephen commented on Hollom's beautiful voice. Am worried Lord One-Arm turned him into a pervy midshipman fancier.
Still not Admiral.

Day 9
Was forced to cut Warley loose to save the ship. V. saddening.
Even more distressingly, Stephen seems very cool to me. Had best get him to the Galapagos Islands before I have to sleep on the deck again.
Still not Admiral.

Day 10
Captain Howard really should be more discreet with his guns. He'll scare the midshipmen. Would have been disturbed myself, but after walking in on Killick polishing my silver so many times, can no longer be bothered by behavior of that sort.
Still not Admiral.

Day 11
Soothed Stephen with a promise of the Galapagos Islands before asking if he was eyeing any of the midshipmen inappropriately. He laughed and said, "Jack, it is not any of the midshipmen that I fancy!"
Fear he may be eyeing one of the lieutenants.
Oh, and still not Admiral.

Day 12
Stephen admitted to enjoying Mowett's rendition of Nelson:The Musical. Says he loves anyone who's good with music. Am v. worried.
Except that I think Mowett may fancy me. Have the feeling the Doctor will kill him if he tries anything. Platonic brotherly concern again.
Still not Admiral.

Day 13
French frigate beat us to the islands, and was forced to go after it immediately. Stephen v. pissed. Will definitely have to sleep on the deck tonight.
And still not Admiral.

Day 14
Had to flog Nagle for insubordination. Heard I shouldn't because he actually enjoys pain. That's what they all say...
Still not Admiral.

Day 15
Hollom was a Jonah and drowned himself. I don't think Blakeney pushed him...
Still not Admiral.

Day 16
Stephen had to get himself all wounded just before we spotted the Acheron, didn't he? Should just leave him to die. Have gotten v. uncomfortable sleeping out on the deck past few nights, and still not Admiral, and...
Oh hell with it, I'll save him.

Day 17
Going back to the islands v. good idea, as French frigate was there! Disguised ship as whaler and took her! Go me!
But still not Admiral.

Day 18
Couldn't stay at islands after all. Managed to prevent Stephen from getting pissed again with music. After he said, "Ah, Jack, I love it when we make music together." and smiled at me in all too attractive manner...
...wait a minute, does Stephen fancy me?
Oh my.
Still not Admiral, damn it all!