The Poldark series and other fiction and non-fiction by Winston Graham

Gentle reader, this part of my website is meant as a handy place for people to find evaluative commentary on a worthy body of work neglected by academics: the historical fiction and non-fiction of Winston Graham. While there are on-line websites about Graham, the central ones I've found are commercial, set up by Pan Macmillan to sell books, or are fan websites. I did find one Literary Society (linked in below) that I have joined. The academic criticism that I've found is about his mystery and suspense fiction. I am neither selling any of his books nor am I sure I'm a fan. My particular interest is in his historical fiction and its accompanying film adaptations. I find Graham's Poldark cycle to be superior 20th century historical fiction set in the 18th century.

You will here find all my blogs on Graham's Poldark series in the order the novels occur. I've begun a section on the film adaptations of the Poldark series. There are also blogs on his mystery and suspense novels, his travel book, and autobiography.

Godolphin House, Cornwall (used as Trenwith, the Poldark family home in 1975-76 BBC Poldark mini-series)

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