The American Senator

Niagara Falls, mid-19th century print

In March 1999 a group of us on Trollope-l began a reading and discussion of The American Senator (1876). We read this book as a single one and during most of it I took it upon myself to write a faciliating posting each week. This was a lively discussion where we canvassed much that is of vivid interest in this novel. It's not a novel which is sufficiently known or paid read with care. It has much to say to us today about human nature as it manifests itself through society.

Contributors included: Janice Durante, Sigmund Eisner, Laurie Guilfoyle, R. J. Keefe, Penny Klein, Marcella MacCarthy, Patricia Maroney, Carol McGuirk, John Mize, Ellen Moody, Judith Moore, Virginia Preston, Teresa Ransom, Angela Richardson, Jill Spriggs, Gene Stratton, Judy Warner, Joan Wall, Frazer Wright.


Frederick Walker (1840-75), Spring, 1864


Sir Henry Henshall (1856-1928), Behind the Bar, 1882


Embarkation of General M'Clernand's Brigade at Cairo: "The generals and commodores were gone up the Ohio river and up the Tennessee in an expedition with gun-boats . . . " Trollope's North America, Harper's Weekly, VI (February 1, 1862), 72

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