The Small House at Allington

John Everett Millais, Lady Julia and Johnny Eames, The Small House at Allington

This was the second time we read The Small House at Allington on Trollope-l. The first time occurred between April and June of 1998 and was facilitated by Penny Klein. At that time we had around 50 people on Trollope-l. I have threaded in those postings wherever I could. We returned to the book as part of our Barsetshire Maraton in March of 2000 when the list was nearly 120 strong. This time I had found I had to go away to Bath because I had signed a contract to write a book on Jane Austen and wanted to visit this place so important in her life. I asked people if they wanted to wait until I got back or begin without me but everyone was kind enough to say they'd like to wait So there was a three week break between the time of ending Framley Parsonage and beginning The Small House at AllingtonOnce again each week I wrote an essay or essays in the form of postings to Trollope-l on the chapters we had read for that week. My "facilitating" postings of mine continued to be close readings of the text whenever I could, with some also simply in response to others, some on Trollope's sources and attitudes, some on the contemporary scene. Once again the conversation slowly emerges and moves back and forth on all sorts of things: character, scenes, personal impulses when we read.

On both occasions one of the threads that really galvanized the group was a comparison between The Small House at Allington and Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Accordingly I have made a separate section of postings just on this subject which both groups returned to repeatedly. Some of these postings comparing the two novels appear in the regular group read and in the separate section.

There was a lot of participation at this time, and happily it was towards the end of this read that Judy Geater joined us. As a result of the conversation we had during this group read, she decided the group would enjoy reading Elizabeth Gaskell's Cousin Phillis in the summer. She has been a splendid friend and wonderful member of Trollope-l ever since and I have placed the conversation of this small group read on Gaskell's Cousin Phillis here to celebrate her presence.. Other participants of these two group reads included Roger Batt, Elvira Casal, Catherine Crean, Sigmund Eisner,Thilde Fox, Judy Geater,Wayne Glissen, Bart Hansen, Ellen Jordan, Catherine Jordan, Kishor Kale, R. J. Keefe, Penny Klein, Rory O'Farrell, John Letts, Patricia M. Marony, Marcella McCarthy, Carol McGuirk, Howard Merkin, Judith Moore, Michael Powe, Duffy Pratt, Angela Richardson, Bonnie Robinson, June Siegel, Jill Singer, Jill Spriggs, Suzanne Stauffer, Gene Stratton, Tyler Tichelaar, Laurel Tryforos, Andrea Vangor, Judy Warner, Dagny Wilson, Frazer Wright, Todd Yelrom.

I constructed a calendar based on the the first serial publication of The Small House for the Cornhill Magazine which at the rate of three chapters a month and the first edition published by George Smith in 1864 in two volumes. It was during this time I began a habit of describing the original illustrations to the Barsetshire novels while we were reading them.

Volume I

Volume II

Victorian Romance: Trollope, Austen and Gaskell

John Everett Millais, "'Bell, here's the inkstand'", The Small House at Allington

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