Trollope's One-Volume Novels ("novels which finish within 300 pages")

F. A. Fraser, "Oh George, if you could know all", The Golden Lion of Granpère

Critical & Historical

In General

The above general studies are selected out from the general bibliography because of the unusual amount of attention, respect, and real sensitivity with which the authors or the editor's included essays approach Trollope's short novels.

The Warden

The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson: By One of the Firm

Nina Balatka, the Story of a Maiden of Prague

Linda Tressel

The Golden Lion of Granpère

Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite

An Eye for An Eye

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil. A Tale of Australian Bush Life

Cousin Henry

Dr Wortle's School

Kept in the Dark

The Fixed Period

An Old Man's Love

Editions of the Novellas or One-Volume Novels

[I list the fictions in chronological order, cited with their number in Trollope's oeuvre and the year Trollope wrote them, followed in parenthesis by the year of publication as a book. I place the best edition first. Criteria for 'best' include returning to the original text, a scholarly introduction and notes, indications of the novel's original divisions, and finally inclusion of original illustrations and matter relevant to contemporary issues in the form of appendices.

There is still no complete scholarly edition of Trollope's novels. I list for the convenience of the reader those editions which are respectable or have some merit (based on a collation of good texts or a good text, having a solid scholarly-critical introduction and notes, containing a reprint of the original illustrations to the novel, having an introductory essay which is of interest for the critical commentary) known to me. I have included a description of the edition if the edition has something which makes it better than the the others on this list. If any reader who comes to this site knows of good editions not cited below, I would be very grateful for information on these, and after checking, would add the citation to the list below.]

F. A. Fraser, opening vignette [Marie], The Golden Lion of Granpère

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