Commentary on Early Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

The Three Clerks: 2 Illustrations

Written 1857 (15 February - 18 August)
Published as a book 1857 (November), Richard Bentley
Frontispiece and Title page for a new edition 1865, Bentley
1 Full-Page Illustration and 1 Vignette by J. Mahoney, engraver E. Whymper

  1. Described in Forrest Reid, Illustrators of the Eighteen Sixties: An Illustrated Survey of the Work of 58 British Artists, p. 255: 'a charming frontispiece and vignette made for a one- volume edition of Trollope's The Three Clerks';
    for another brief biography and commentary see Simon Houfe, The Dictionary of 19th Century British Book Illustrators and Caricaturists pp. 221 and 347

  2. Reid reprints as equally characteristic 'Occupations of a Retired Life', facing p. 256; see also Gleeson White, English Illustration: The Sixties: 1855-70, 'Summer', after p. 66; 'Yesterday and Today' after p. 68

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