The Early Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

The Chronicles of Barsetshire

Published by Chapman and Hall, 1878
8 Full-Page Illustrations by Francis Arthur Fraser

  1. '"It's Dogged as Does It": the frontispiece by Francis Arthur Fraser, drawn for the second volume of the set; the subject and legend identical with that of the Frontispiece for Instalment No. 24 of the first edition of The Last Chronicle. Source: Hall AT and His Illustrators, pp. 142-43.

    F. A. Fraser, The Last Chronicle of Barset

    The elderly man certainly does look like Millais's Crawley; perhaps the figures are too stiff, too austere. They stand there monumentally, but they are proud, grim, dogged. One feels how cold and wet and dreary is the spot they stand on -- the sky and trees are brilliantly made real through many tiny dark lines while for the rain we get tiny elongated tears of white. Superb.

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