Commentary on Early Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

Miss Mackenzie: 2 Illustrations

Written 1864 (22 May - 18 August)
Published as a book 1865 (February), Chapman and Hall
Frontispiece and Title Page (1 Full-Page Illustration
and Vignette) by Walter Crane 1866

  1. See Reid, pp. 231-34; White, 'Treasure-Trove', facing p. 176; and especially Houfe, 'They saw a Knight in dangerous distresse': An Illustration for Spenser's Faerie Queene and 'Simple Honesty', pp. 103-4

  2. Although it is hard to come by reproductions of Crane's work, especially for realistic novels, there is an interesting book by him in which he lays out his principles and understanding of book illustration in the context of a history of book illustration, from the time of illuminated manuscripts through the later 19th century, see Walter Crane The Decorative Illustration of Books (1896; reprint London: Studio Editions, 1994)

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