On the Original Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

Phineas Redux

Written 1870 (23 October) - 1871 (1 April)
Serialized 1873 (19 July) - 1874 (10 January), Graphic
Illustrated Francis Montague Holl
Published as a book 1873 (December), Chapman and Hall

Francis Montague Holl provided 24 full-page illustrations for Phineas Redux. I have reproduced 16 with their accompanying captions. About Holl's style I quote from Chapter 6 of my book: "throughout Phineas Redux, Francis Montague Holl combines depictions of people in exacerbated states of distress with a dark chiaroscuro which gives his drawings the effect of a 'wash' of intensely-felt colour. Holl's style is associated with a slightly later pessimistic development from the idyllic called graphic realism; nonetheless, his pictures present the same autumnal mood or details and depictions of everyday moments in ordinary lives when the spirit falters, often just before rousing itself to fight again, that we find in Millais, Thomas and Fraser."

  1. Chapter 6: Phineas and his old Friends

    Francis Montague Holl, "'Well, then, I won't mention her name again'" , Phineas Redux

  2. Chapter 7: Coming Home from Hunting

    Francis Montague Holl, "Adelaide Palliser" , Phineas Redux

  3. Chapter 9: The Debate

    Francis Montague Holl, detail from "The Laird of Loughlinter" , Phineas Redux

  4. Chapter 15: 'How well you knew!'

    Francis Montague Holl, "'I suppose I shall shake it off" , Phineas Redux

  5. Chapter 18: Spooner of Spoon Hall

    Francis Montague Holl, "'You know it's the keepers do it all'" , Phineas Redux

  6. Chapter 23: Macpherson's Hotel

    Francis Montague Holl, detail from "'Then sir you will abide my wrath'" , Phineas Redux

  7. Chapter 31: The Duke and the Duchess in Town

    Francis Montague Holl, "'I should have had some enjoyment I suppose'" , Phineas Redux

  8. Chapter 38: Once again in Portman Square

    Francis Montague Holl, detail from "'I must have one word with you' [Lady Laura]" , Phineas Redux

  9. Chapter 48: Mr Maule's Attempt

    Francis Montague Holl, "'What is the use of sticking to a man who doesn't want you?' [Mme Max Goesler]" , Phineas Redux

  10. Chapter 52: Mr Kennedy's Will

    Francis Montague Holl, detail from "'He may soften her heart' [old woman, Mr Kennedy's mother]" , Phineas Redux

  11. Chapter 55: Phineas in Prison

    Francis Montague Holl, "Of course it was Lady Laura", Phineas Redux

  12. Chapter 59: Mrs Bonteen

    Francis Montague Holl, "Lizzie Eustace", Phineas Redux

  13. Chapter 61: The Beginning of the Trial

    Francis Montague Holl, "'Violet, they will murder him'", Phineas Redux

  14. Chapter 68: Phineas after the Trial

    Francis Montague Holl, "And she sat weeping alone in her father's house", Phineas Redux

  15. Chapter 70: 'I will not go to Loughlinter'

    Francis Montague Holl, "Lady Laura at the Glass", Phineas Redux

  16. Chapter 78: 'The last Visit to Saulsby

    Francis Montague Holl, "Then she suddenly turned upon him, throwing her arms around his neck [Lady Laura and Phineas Finn, the last picture]", Phineas Redux

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