On the Original Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

Phineas Finn

Written 1866 (17 November) - 1867 (15 May)
Serialized 1867 (October) to 1868 (May), St Paul's
Illustrated John Everett Millais
Published as a book 1869 (March), George Virtue

John Everett Millais provided 20 full-page illustrations for each instalment of Phineas Fiinn, The Irish Member. I have reproduced 8 with their accompanying captions.

  1. Chapter 6: Lord Brentford's Dinner

    J. E. Millais, "'You don't quite know Mr Kennedy yet'", Phineas Finn

  2. Chapter 15: Donald Bean's Pony

    John Everett Millais, "'I wish to regard you as a dear friend, -- both of my own and of my husband''", Phineas Finn

  3. Chapter 32: Lady Laura Kennedy's Headache

    John Everett Millais, "'I will send for Dr. Macnuthrie at once'", Phineas Finn

  4. Chapter 51: Troubles at Loughlinter

    John Everett Millais, "So she burned the morsel of paper", Phineas Finn

  5. Chapter 57: The top Brick of the Chimney

    John Everett Millais, "'You must come'" [Duke of Omnium propositioning Madame Max Goesler], Phineas Finn

  6. Chapter 64: The Horns

    John Everett Millais, "Phineas had no alternative but to read the letter", Phineas Finn

  7. Chapter 69: The Temptress

    John Everett Millais, "'Ever your own, with all the love of her heart, MARY F. Jones'", Phineas Finn

  8. Chapter 76: Conclusion

    John Everett Millais, "'Oh Phineas; surely a thousand a-year will be very nice'", Phineas Finn

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