Commentary on Early Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

Tales of All Countries: 1 Illustration

1864 Tales of All Countries: Chapman & Hall; Marcus Stone
1861 (November). Tales of All Countries: First Series, Chapman and Hall
'Relics of General Chassé: A Tale of Antwerp'
'O'Conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo'
'The Courtship of Susan Bell'
'La Mère Bauche'
'An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids'
'The Château of Prince Polignac'
'John Bull on the Guadalquivir'
'Miss Sarah Jack of Spanish Town, Jamaica'
1863 (February), Tales of All Countries: Second Series, Chapman and Hall
'Mrs General Talboys'
'The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne'
'Returning Home'
'The Man Who Kept His Money in a Box'
'Aaron Trowe'
'The House of Heine Brothers in Munich'
'George Walker at Suez'
'The Mistletoe Bough'

  1. Marcus Stone's first job for Trollope, a frontispiece for an 1864 edition of Tale of All Countries (as a pair of books?). Mentioned without sympathy in Hall, Hall, AT and His Illustrators, p. 124.

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