Commentary on Early Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

Dr Thorne: 4 Illustrations

Written 1857 (20 October) -1858 (31 March)
Published as a book 1858 May Chapman and Hall
H. L. Schindler illustrations from a contemporary later edition:
1858 Dr Thorne: Chapman & Hall; (later edition) H. L. Schindler

  1. '"She is my niece", said the doctor, taking up the tiny infant in his arms'. Source: Hennessey, p. 17. My comment: important moment, girl in bed very well caught, caption is the words Trollope gave Dr Thorne as he promises Mary's mother to be a father to her.

  2. 'He did not at first see his sister Augusta who had just this moment come upon them'. Source: Hennessy, p. 267. My comment: again, a good choice of moment, at birthday party, Frank discovered wooing Mary by a hostile sister; the male figure drawn is too old.

  3. '"I must have ten or twelve thousand pounds; ten at the very least. Source: Snow, p. 157. My comment: much reduced print of Squire Gresham telling Dr. Thorne he must once again borrow from Roger Scatcherd and wants Thorne to be his gobetween.
    H.L.Schindler, "I must have 10 or 12,000 pounds; 10 at the very least." Dr Thorne

  4. 'Sir Roger raised himself up in his bed with his fist clenched'. Source: Hennessy, p. 168. My comment: choice of psychological moment right; drawing inadequate.
    H.L.Schindler, "Sir Roger raised himself up in his bed with his fist clenched" Dr Thorne

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