Commentary on Original Illustrations of Trollope's Fiction

The Warden: 3 Illustrations

Written 1852 (29 July) -1853 (autumn)
Published as a book 1855 (5 January), Wm Longman
1855 The Warden: Longman; (later edition) F. C. Tilney

  1. Cover illustration to Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer 1855: Full bodied man, being comforted by his daughter; a depiction of Mr Harding and Eleanor. Sources: Trollopiana 16; James Pope Hennessey, Anthony Trollope, from Mansell Collection, p 337; C. P. Snow, Anthony Trollope: An illustrated biography, p. 78 (good copy, from yellow-back binding). My comment: effective picture, good rounded drawing.

  2. Early in book, later edition illustrated by F. C. Tilney: Mr Harding, playing to the bedesmen of Hiram's Hospital. Sources: Hennessy p. 142. My comment: poor drawing attempting to capture pastoral feeling. A detail:
    F. C. Tilney, Mr Harding playing to pensioners The Warden

  3. Early in book, later edition illustrated by F. C. Tilney: 'Eleanor Harding and John Bold, before their engagement'. Hennessey, p. 150. My comment: picture shows how readers "saw" Eleanor and it's not over-sympathetic; she's stand-offishish.
    F. C. Tilney, Eleanor "rides a high horse" to John Bold, The Warden

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