Trollope's Short Stories and Plays

F. Sandys, "The Sailor's Bride," Forrest Reid's Illustrators of the Eighteen Sixties (unpublished)


Twentieth Century Attempts at Nearly Complete Editions

The above listing places the best edition first.

Facsimile Editions of Nearly Complete Sets

I have not included the inexpensive Penguin facsimile reprints of the same original compilations by Trollope because they are so poor. I have not been able to see the 1980 Arno Press volume entitled Collected Stories and introduced by Susan L. Humphreys.

Facsimile Edition of the Two Plays

Publications of Individual and Selections of Short Stories

Critical & Historical Essays on Trollope's Short Stories

In General

Specific Stories

See also Trollope himself in his An Autobiography, Mullen's essays in his Penguin Companion and the essays on the short stories in R. C. Terry's The Oxford Companion to Trollope as well as all the introductory material in the above collections and selections of the short stories.

For a group of essays I wrote on each of the short stories in the context of a group read with other members' essays, redactions, threads by all, and postings of all sorts while we read the short stories on Trollope-l between December 1997 and May 1998,click here; for all the group conversations and essays on the novels, click here.

A Note to the Reader

Not only is there still no complete scholarly edition of Trollope's fiction (which accounts for the state of publication of his short stories and plays), but there has been very little writte about his short stories. I have included everything I could think of or know which could be of help to the student of Trollope's fiction who wants to study his short stories and plays. If any reader who comes to this site knows of good editions or scholarly-critical essays not cited here, I would be very grateful for information on these, and after checking, would add the citation to this bibliography.
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