The Way We Live Now

Lionel Fawkes, "You, I think, are Miss Melmotte", The Way We Live Now

In March 2002, the group on Trollope-l who had been reading the novels together carried on for the second time in the list's history to The Way We Live Now, but with a change. I stopped writing the facilitating posts each week and instead people took turns. I would make a calendar, call for volunteers, and those people who volunteered for given weeks and chapters would facilitate for that week or weeks. I kept posting but returned to posting spontaneously and irregularly when it was not my turn to facilitate, and although I tried to save all the postings, I did not save as consistently, and the discussion was at first uneven. As I type this page late in December 2002, and the same group of people have gone on to read the first three Palliser novels (Can You Forgive Her?, Phineas Finn, and The Eustace Diamonds), I can say the change has made for fewer but still many postings of the same variety and high quality.

For the group read of The Way We Live Now, I joined with greatest interest when the 2002 film adaptation of The Way We Live Now aired on TV, and here present a four-part series of postings I, other members of Trollope-l, and a couple of members from Victoria wrote. Each series begins with an essay on the segment of the film adaptation by me as it was aired on American Public TV, records all the conversation, and and then goes back in time to record all the commentary by the members of Trollope-l when the films aired on British TV. Each part includes information, essays and postings from threads on various aspects of the film adaptation of The Way We Live Now. This series forms the conclusion of these postings I have shaped and placed on the Net for those who are interested in the discussions we have on Trollope-l about the work of Anthony Trollope.

There are postings here by Roger Batt, Catherine Crean, Michel Faber, Judy Geater, Elizabeth Guster, Howard Merkin, Theo Nassar, Tim Phillips, Michael Powe, Duffy Pratt, Teresa Ransom, Angela Richardson, Donna Rudin, Pat Cooper-Smith, Jill Spriggs, Patricia Stewart, Joan Wall, Robert Ward, Judy Warner, Doris White

The Film Adaptation by David Yates & Andrew Davies

Note: these postings on the film were written 11 years ago and I've changed my mind about the film a lot. I've studied films and Davies's work carefully; also written professionally and blogged a great deal on film. I leave these there as a record of how I did once understand the mini-series and how the others who contributed to the threads understood the mini-series.

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