La Vendée

John Everett Millais, from Forrest Reid, Illustrators of the Eighteen Sixties1

In September of the year 2000 a group of us on Trollope-l read La Vendée together. Each week I wrote an essay or essays in the form of postings to Trollope-l on the chapters we had read for that week. Most of mine are close readings of the text; some are about Trollope's sources and attitudes; others discuss the nature of historical fiction. Then the conversation begins to emerge and moves back and forth on all sorts of things: character, scenes, personal impulses when we read. I have included many postings by other members as I could find and threaded them in according to a date or where they seemed to make sense. Contributors include: Roger Batt, Sigmund Eisner, Judy Geater, Wayne Gisslen, Mark Jensen, R. J. Keefe, Kristi Larsen, Richard Mintz, John Mize, Angela Richardson, Gene Stratton, Dagny Wilson, Robert Wright, Todd Yelrom.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

1 The reproduction is a detail from a drawing whose caption is "The Lost Piece of Silver"; the picture belongs to Millais's series, The Parables of Our Lord. I find it beautiful and appropriate to a story focusing on country people in rural France.

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