Not without reason, in the ancient book

Not without reason, in the ancient book
of laws we read of a paradise of
milk and honey: milk, white, for a baby,
innocence and faith; honey, a golden

sweet flow, tender love: these feed the soul.
Of the bee, natural enemy of all
that savors of bitterness--look, with what
care he steals sweetness in and from round each

flower, labors to delight another.
And of the lamb, humbly drinking milk from
the shepherd who strengthens it with strong food.

The moment's gone. Now replete yet knowing
so much one scorns sweet toys and the self to
fix one's eyes on God eternally.

From B S2:2:178. In MSS L, V2 (Ve2?); 1900 Tordi 10:53. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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