If the faithful lover whose tenderness

If the faithful lover whose tenderness
discovers the vast sea of God's kindness,
though His Grace, had not forgot how hard and
vile the world, had not submerged his mind in

lovely reverie, kind oblivion,
he would have, with reason, hated, despised
the ravings of a false and ugly past,
which God's light blinds him to, dazzling the eyes,

and purging the self of defect. In this still
quiet sea one longs to drown, feel replete,
and never again see the long years of

change and trouble. I pray while weak to stay
close to the only Man who can give hope
and light, in whom the Father was so pleased.

From B S1:79 124. In MS V2 (variant text: "Se il servo caro, a cui per vivo affetto"); Valgrisi 80. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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